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The Under-Utilized Power of an Entrepreneur

I often hear people say, I often hear everybody say, I often hear you say, I often hear them say, I often say, ” IT IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

NOW !!! “Impossibility is the Possibility that has not been made Possible”. What does that mean to you as an individual, your understanding of this simple phrase will go a long way to determine your attitude towards Life and re-direct your thoughts.

There are two personalities which are the OPTIMIST and the PESSIMIST. Take a look at the picture below.

What impression does this picture create in your mind ? to rightfully determine what message is in this Glass of water, you  have to empty your mind of all previous knowledge and believe. This process I termed standing naked in the shower. Now, this is who you are:

1. A god:

Why did I say this, your Father is God and that makes you a god, the offspring of  A LION, IS A LION. and what is your understanding about God and His unique characteristic ?

You are limitless, you are bigger than your problems, that makes you Zillions of Times greater than the little molecules of your problem.

2. You are a Problem solver:

Many people think that, thinking too much is the cause of heart attack, THIS IS A VERY BIG LIE, thinking solves problem and reliefs the Body of stress, that can disorganize the mind and cause you to WORRY. Now, if thinking is not the cause of Heart attack, what then is the cause? the answer is WORRY,  which  Gives way to anxiety or unease; allowing one’s mind to dwell on difficulties or troubles, under this state, you cannot Think.

In order to solve problems the mind most be properly focused and directed toward the problems. I advice you have a thinking Chair.

3. Rules: 

Remember that, without rules and regulation man is worst than an animal, we create rule to limit the extent to which we use the power we have and POSSESS inside of Us, so that we may not be consumed by It.

Take a look at this Picture.

The fact that there is YOU CAN’T, does not mean you can-not do it but doing it will be inappropriate and will lead to disaster and difficulty to you and to those around you.

Use the golden rules with caution and set the limit and extent to which an activity is done and accomplished.

4. The Everything You need: 

Why did I say this, all the answers of life and that which you most sort, is inside of you, you have great knowledge and abilities inside of you, Remember the Phrase, ” Man Know Thyself,” “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Understand yourself and discover your inner man, this is the summary of my message.

Use your mind, feel with your heart , these are the most powerful but under-utilized Powers which we possess as Men and Women of extra-ordinary powers and capability, which is termed, the essence of man which only You and You alone can discover. That is your very essence…

You are what your think you are and cannot Rise above your thoughts. be careful of what reflection you give yourself, because this reflects your inward man and abilities…

As you Ponder on these words, remember, that nothing good comes easy and there need be opposition in all things.

Thank you for Read and Pleas leave your opinion, we need to know what you think.

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