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Earn Steady Income!!! Teaching Phonetics


In an ever more challenging economy, young adults struggle to earn money and make a life for themselves even the graduates don`t have well-paying jobs or are unemployed. If you know Phonetics or you intend to learn how to speak, you could make money from teaching phonetics. Teaching Phonetics can be a great way to travel the world and earn money at the same time. 
However, some graduates actually like the idea of pursuing a career in teaching English long-term, and there are numerous courses at various levels of teaching, from the fast-track TEFL to a diploma or masters.
Teaching English to Chinese students is a multi-billion dollar business and is expanding as more Chinese citizens take interest in learning the English language through the worldwide Internet. There is a high demand for teaching children at a young age where neural plasticity is at its strongest to develop linguistic skills in multiple languages. If you have ever heard a Korean say “I want to go to the bitch” (meaning “I want to go to the beach”), you should understand the importance of mastering phonetics when learning new languages. To her credit, the Korean is entirely unaware of how she sounds in English. In fact, if you tried to correct her by saying “It’s pronounced ‘beach'”, she would probably respond with, “That’s what I said: bitch.
Jenefer for instance, offers client services to Schools, Individuals, and she runs her own school called  Phonetic Jenefer, She tutors online using instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube and eBooks.
To start, you have to decide which course to take, the best bet is to look at what your needs are and the needs of others. If you want a career in teaching phonetics, then definitely find one designed for that purpose, like an MA or diploma; but if you want to travel around the world, then do a shorter course which will supply you with teaching skills.
“Some countries, like Japan, will employ people without a teaching qualification as long as the teacher is a native speaker of English. However, most countries do now expect a qualification.” If you do not already speak phonetics, learn online, get an App or take classes; get certified by applying with a professional school. If you already know Phonetics; then, this just got easy. Just source for schools, companies, individuals and household that would require your services.
If you are operating offline; it is essential to search for schools which are in close proximity to one another to reduce the stress of moving from one teaching appointment to another; also to save time and get more work done, as this will aid making more money while effectively reducing cost and stress. For those operating online; you could use video conference tools like youtube, skype etc to connect your students and train online.
You should consider learning through a combination of practical teaching experience and written assignments. Take teaching practice with learners of different levels and observe other Professional tutors. Go now and do something today!

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