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So Business is Bad, Why Am I Sad?

To be sad, is to be sorrowful and unhappy. It is a result of regrettable, shameful and deplorable situations.

Sadness can be attributed to varying circumstances like death of a loved one, failure to succeed, loss of precious possessions, pain, afflictions, tribulations and so on.

If you have been sad, you will attest to the fact that it’s not a condition to be or remain. While it may be inevitable for us to eliminate sadness from our life, it is also very possible for us to live a sad free life.

The Danger of Sadness

Sadness can lead to headache, depression, hypertension, anxiety, malfunctioned thinking ( i.e worry ), death, psychosis, schizophrenia, chronic and acute stress e.t.c.

How Can I Overcome Sadness?

To solve the problem, you must know the cause. Some of which have been mentioned above.

But for the sake of this article, we will streamline it to two causes.

They are: Extrinsic Causes of Sadness and the Intrinsic Cause of Sadness.

The Extrinsic Sadness: 

This is caused by external  forces like death of a loved one, loss of property etc. People, environment, things, places e.t.c are the major causes of this kind of sadness. You cannot stop them from happening. They are out of you control.

The Intrinsic Sadness:

This kind of sadness is self caused. It is the reaction or response derived from the extrinsic sadness. Note that to react is different from to respond. Since you cannot stop the extrinsic Sadness. You can either choose to respond to it or react as a result.
You cannot stop afflictions, pains, trials and tribulations. They are part of lives packages. There seems to be an unending supply. Every one most certainly go through them at different point of their existence.

Problem is not Directly Equal to Sadness

While you cannot stop the extrinsic Sadness, you can choose how you respond to it. The people with the most challenges and difficulties in life are not the saddest.
Imagine the excruciating pain and agony which the human mind cannot fathom, that the Saviour Jesus Christ suffered. But His Happiness, peace and Joy knows no bound.
Happiness is a choice, so is sadness. You are sad because of the choice you made.

Whether you think you can or you cannot…. You are right. Situations does not make a man. It reveals him to himself. It is not too late to choose again. Stop wallowing in self pity… Feeling discouraged. Sadness does not solve problems, it amplifies it. If your sadness is as a result of a wrong choice you made. There is room for correction and choosing to do good will increase you chances of Happiness. Wickedness never was happiness.

WARNING:- Intoxicating substances like tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine etc. Does not stop Sadness but only postpones it for later resolution.

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