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Mingle and Observe ~ One of Business Success Keys

One of the key to success in life and business is mingling and observing.

To mingle is to relate, associate, communicate and react with individuals, animals, plants and things.

To observe is to pay close attention to details, it goes beyond just looking. It requires kin interest, sober reflection and relatively high rational activities in the brain and emotional reactions. It also involves looking for clues by watching both the big picture and microscopically observing small and simple things.

When you mingle and observe, a key thing happens. Information is transmitted and received. But the problem is not everyone has mastered these two resources.

If you mingle appropriately and observe rightly in your heart, mind and with your sight, you will be amazed at what you will learn and most certainly become with time.
Let a man radically alters what, how, who and where he mingles and observes, he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect on the material condition of his life.

To rightly mingle, you must be rightly positioned. The way you dress, that’s the way you are addressed. Observe the animal kingdom; zebra for zebra, Buffalo for Buffalo🐃, Ape for Ape, Lion for lion🦁. You attract your kind.

Our attitude most definitely affects how we mingle and observe and is directly proportional to the quality of information we receive. Information is the creative power of the universe. It can create or destroy.

A man that is persimistic will never recognise an unprocessed diamond as something of worth.

If you must succeed in business and in life, you must learn to mingle rightly and observe rightly. Once you are always on the look out for degrading information you will get the transmission in full doses and soon be filled with mediocrity.

How can you achieve APEX? When you have downloaded mediocrity into your system by wrongly mingling and inappropriate observations.

Despite the saying; “situation does not make a man but reveals him to himself”. Does not also mean that, man cannot be a product of his environment.

Conclusively, Be watchful with what, who, where and to whom you mingle and for what and how you observe. If you must do away with the things which drags you down the ladder in your life. You must change what you choose to read, watch and listen   to. You must discard RUBBISH and replace it with USEFUL and QUALITY stuffs.  You must relate with the right gang, you must affiliate with the right brand and participate with the right media.

STOP reading and go to work. Set your priorities right. Then come back and comment.

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