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Work-Stress: How to Simplify Your Life?

You sure know that our lives and work are filled with so much to do and so little time. To Simplify our lives, we must eliminate the unnecessary and welcome the necessary by focusing on what really matters and let the rest go. Trust me, it’s not easy–it takes intentionality and daily practice, but the reward is great enough to make all the effort worthwhile. 

Start by letting this A-Z (26) golden rules be part of your daily dos and don’ts. I hope they motivate you to uncomplicated your life and work so you have more time for the things that truly matter. 

A. Get a planner

B. Save More! Invest More!! Avoid debt!!!
C. Spend Less Time on Social Media
D. Properly unwind before Bed
E. Make and stick to Budget
F. Spend More time with Your Family
G. Retire to Bed early and Arise Early
H. Discard addictive and Habit forming Substances
I. Prayer, Study the Scriptures and Exercise Regularly
J. Get Adequate Rest
K. Cease to be idle
L. Value Time
M. Always Look for Good in others
N. Be kind and Never repress a Generous thought – act on it!
O. Never tell lies
P. Watch your diet
Q. Drink a lot of Water Daily
R. Read and Write Down Impressions
S. Follow through with worthwhile plans
T. Be accountable
U. Think consequences before you Act
V. Eliminate Bad Companies
W. Believe in yourself and Never Give Up on a Good Course
X. Reconcile with your adversary quickly and do not let the Sun go down on your wrath
Y. Do more Good and Less Bad
Z. Look for opportunities to Serve

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