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Make Billions, destroy Bazillions

 Money or People, which do you consider Essential?

An industry is a group of Companies (legal or Illegal) that are related based on their primary business activities. A business can be regarded as what an individual or group does as a regular or irregular occupation, profession or trade.  The term industry can be seen in many ways.

For this post we will be looking at industry from the legal to the illegal. Many existing industries provides “services” and products which are either legal or illegal with the aim of making MONEY. Any business that does not help build the human person is a secret combination and destroys the world. People invented money and they are being destroyed by it. If you are not building the world, you are destroying it and it will definitely affect you. It’s like setting fire in your bossom and you think you won`t get burnt. Who are you deceiving? Yourself of course.

It is high time people review the companies they affiliate with and grow. You may not like this post, if you are into one of these businesses or affiliated with one of these companies but that does not stop us from saying the truth. We will only write what is of most worth unto the children of men. Like it or leave it, it does not change what the truth is.

The under-listed industries, destroys in many ways and is still destroying at viral rate;

Pornography Industry:

Pornography is a viral canker, eating deep into individuals and families and is destroying lives, degrading our society and is very addictive. When you get entangled by it, it is difficult to escape. Many individual help to promote this business by viewing and watching porn. If you research a lot have been written and published on the internet with regards to porn.

People have lost important family relationships, jobs, self-worth e.t.c to pornography. Important time that ought to be spent doing creative things is wasted watching porn. Porn industry is a multi-billion industry and is still growing. Why is it growing? Because you are watching pornography? If you watch porn you help them stay in business and you contribute to the destruction. Stop watching and reduce their customers. Campaign against it. Do not company with it. It is filthy and destructive no matter how you try to paint it.

Stealing Trade:

Theft in anyway is a major problem facing the economy and a lot of individual has resulted to online theft. Stealing has never been good, it is a characteristic of the destroyer. People may try and justify this act, but that does not make it good. A lot of intelligent young champs have lost their lives prematurely to this act while some are living with the guilt. The sanctity of life must be preserved.

Remember that every dog has its day. You may be poor now but that does not mean you will be poor forever. Make yourself with money, and don`t get destroyed by it. Why would you engage in things that you or your loved ones would not be proud of? The power to be better lies within you, you can either rise or stay down but the fact still remains that you can reach limitless height without stealing!

Stealing trade can be in form of; Internet fraudster, Bribery, Illegal logging, Poaching and Illegal Oil trade.


As the saying goes; “life itself is “GAMBLE””- so one might wonder why this is on the list. Gambling is an act considered by most to be
acceptable and this can be supported with thousands of points. But this is the truth we can give; Gambling is bad, that’s all!!! Take it or leave it. Gambling is nurtured by greed, it makes you do crazy things, and it can shatter your life in the twinkle of an eye. There are so many better things you can do with your cash; save it, invest it, insure it, donate to charity, take a tour, buy yourself stuffs, enrich your family, plan for you retirement, eat at fancy restaurants whichever you choose, these are better options than the big “G……….”

Baby Factories Industry:

Babies are precious! They are of great worth, it saddens my heart that people can imagine such a cruel business. It is dark and so inhumane to use these precious lives in exchange for what will canker and rust away. Babies are to be reared and nurtured with love and great care. This should be done with great earnestness. Why is this so important?  This is because the society will become destroyed by individuals who haven’t been well nurtured and cared for with love.  Baby factories typically refers to situations where children are sold for adoption, but may also refer to situations in which children are trafficked to provide slave labour, we are more particular about the later definition. It is particularly associated with and prevalent in some international adoption markets. Infants who are sold are often eventually forced to work in plantations, mines and factories, as domestic workers or as sex workers. There have been cases where infants are tortured or sacrificed in black magic or witchcraft rituals.

An advanced form of this industry is the Human trafficking industry which rather sells adult and children in like manner.

Counterfeit Product:

Counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes the forgery of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of items such as clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watches, electronics (both parts and finished products), software, works of art, toys, and movies”.

Producing or marketing of Counterfeit Products is so bad; it has led to the loss of many lives. People ingest these product and die, get chronic illness, and lots more. The ecosystem is altered and it makes life unbearably difficult for those who live on the earth. This earth is our residence. Let us make it worth living!!!

S*x Industry:

This is terrible and inhumane. It has never developed the human person but rather destroyed; both the service provider and the clients. This industry is one of the oldest life destroying industry. It has led to moral decay, loss for virtue and sanctity of lives. The human body is precious and it not an object for lust, greed, manipulation and enslaving gratification.

This is the major cause of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Please there is no reason for the act. Your conscience will warn you as a friend before flogging you as a judge, I cannot imagine any human soul going through that part of destruction. Clients stop patronizing them and they would fall out of business. They remain because you come to them. Those who pay for and those who are being paid are both in the same boat. Service providers please use your life wisely, it has no duplicate while clients please use your money wisely, if you don`t know how to spend it, here is an advice, donate it to charity.

Illegal drug Industry:

The street and Psychiatrist hospitals are filled with people who have allowed being addicted to substances ruin their lives. Many are being destroyed because of money. Its crazy how one feels comfortable seeing other people suffer. It pains every reasonable and normal human being to see people destroyed, especially loved ones. Humans are Agents made to act for themselves and not Objects to be acted upon. Drugs turns people to puppets. The drugs acts upon them. The worst thing that can happen to the human person is to lose the ability to act for himself. Freedom and reason makes us human, take this away; what are we then; mere animals. It`s so sad. In addition to this; Tobacco/Alcoholic Beverage industry are brothers to the illegal drug industry, but, they are legalized destroyers –Canada Legalized Recreational Marijuana. “Canada’s move to legalize marijuana is a historic rebuke to the disastrous global war on drugs, which has ruined millions of lives,” Hannah Hetzer, a senior international policy manager at the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance, said.

Finally, all cannot be told about the industries that can destroy the human race but there are so many that cannot be counted, this much we can tell you; to watch what you engage in or get destroyed by it.

“Many things are good, many things are important but only a few are essential” Elder D Todd Christofferson.  What is essential to you? A good name or money without regard?


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