Real life Story Guide to making your First Sale as a Drop Shipper!

Oberlo knowing fully well that making first sale in the drop shipping business can be really hard for entrepreneurs, they surveyed 12 Entrepreneurs on how they made their first sale in the drop shipping hussle (business). The rest of the story is sensational and inspiring.

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The first story was from Ran Moore (Pictured Below), whose drop shipping site is –>>

The Moment

After suffering a heart attack last year in April 2017, I had to find another way of earning money while working from home. 

I started my ecommerce business in November of the same year. At first, I had a few different men’s fashion products, but they didn’t sell. Then I came across this leather coat that I felt captured the perfect look for my store. I added it to my store, spent time writing my own product description, and posted it to a men’s Facebook Group.  

Next thing I know, I’m sitting at home and a notification popped up. I checked it and practically leaped from my chair in shock. I had made my first sale! It took me two weeks after opening to make my first sale.

The Advice

The key to my first sale was persistence. If it doesn’t work at first, try and try again. I think it’s very important to write your own product descriptions, it helps with SEO.

My advice for anyone starting out is just to keep trying! Never give up. There’s always room for improvement and success.

By Venetia Anderson 

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