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Two Basic Leadership Skills, Every Good leader should possess

Leadership responsibility must never be seen as a  way to breed ego but rather as an opportunity to serve, develop and learn. A leader is a servant of servants, a pioneer, a front runner,  an innovator, a trailblazer, a pathfinder, a groundbreaker, a trendsetter, a leading light, a guiding light, a torch-bearer, a pacemaker, an originator, an initiator, a developer, a discoverer, a founder, an architect; and so on. Irrespective of your leadership responsibilities, all leaders require a number of skills to help them positively interact with team members. Employers seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles. And this skill will help you successful start, grow and enrich business plan and strategies.

There are numerous skills that depicts a good leader, but we would narrow it down to;

1. The Administrative Skill:

To administer is to keep order. Administrative leadership is about orchestrating tasks, which often includes mobilizing people to develop and sustain strategic planning to meet desired goals and objectives.

Successful administrators; protects and sustains essential operational functions to meet the needs of both the organization and society at large.

There are at least two important aspects of administrative leadership—operational leadership and strategic leadership.

Operational leadership is accomplished through activities like hiring and supporting staff, overseeing budgets, and maintaining a positive workplace climate. Strategic leadership involves guiding the direction of a baby organization with the future in mind.

Strategic leaders clarify purpose, inspire individuals to pursue a shared vision, and ensure that goals and outcomes are attained.

2. The Ministrative Skill:

A leader should be humble enough to serve those they lead. “The term Minister comes from Middle English, deriving from the Old French word ministre, originally minister in Latin, meaning “servant, attendant”, which itself was derived from the word ‘minus’ meaning “less”. wikipedia

A leader most powerful influence comes through ministering to team members or employees. They should be sensitive to the needs of team members and clients and pay close attention to details. They should encourage, inspire, motivate and strengthen their team members. When team members feel the genuine interest for growth and development from their leader. They will be more willing to listen and carry out assignments. A leader should be motivated by sincere concerns for the welfare of the team, organization and society at large and not on selfish interest.

When a leader ministers then he can effectively and efficiently administer. A good leader should be free, fair and firm. They should also be able to train others, effectively and efficiently, so they can succeed them.

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