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Few Ways to make Money with any Affiliate/Merchant Program

Affiliate Marketing is cool and is mutually beneficial to both Merchants and Affiliates- the affiliate is the promoter while the merchant is the one being promoted. The merchant makes money from the promotion while the affiliate makes money from promoting the merchant’s product. In this article we will be focusing on the affiliate. Below are some promotional tips. If you are a merchant you can also use these tips and tools to help you drive in more sales. I recommend SYNDIC Marketing for both Affiliates and Merchants.

Promotion Tips

  • Write a review of some of the merchant’s products, letting people know how good it is. Include your affiliate link at the beginning or end of the review. Post your review to free sites such as & 
  • Use your blog or create a new one for free at sites such as, and post your review of merchant’s products, including your affiliate link. Then “ping” your blog at a site such as, so it gets picked up quickly by search engines. 
  • Join popular marketing forums–such as, and make frequent contributions to popular threads there. Be sure to go into your forum profile and edit your “signature”. Make a signature that includes your affiliate link, or a link to your own “review” website of the merchant’s product. That way, every time you make a post, anyone who sees it will see your signature and potentially click on your affiliate link. 

  • Once every few weeks post a press release at, in which you include your favorable review of merchant’s products, along with your affiliate link. If you pay them a small fee, they will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines, potentially sending you thousands of visitors. 
  • Use Email Marketing–If you own an email list of newsletter subscribers or other people who have opted in to receive email offers from you, send them an email telling them about merchant’s website, and feel free to use some text from their (merchant’s)  website homepage/about page/service page..etc. in your email. Include your affiliate link at the beginning, middle or end of the email. You can google search email samples.

*NOTE – Merchants do not tolerate spamming in any way. You can get banned from their programs if you spam. Beware!

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising– Using a PPC account from Google Adwords, Overture, or many others, you can easily generate income with the affiliate program. You can either send people directly to the merchant’s website using your affiliate link in your PPC ads, or you can create your own website/blog in which you have a review of merchant’s product, followed by your affiliate tracking link. 
  • Video advertising– Record short video review about merchant’s products and upload it to youtube and other video sharing websites. For example see the photo below; 
  • Upgrade yourself —Being affiliate is not exceptionally difficult, but there are many tricks and techniques that can improve your results. Learn from the best – Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day is highly recommended reading for every affiliate. 
  • Be responsive– If you have own website, simply talk to your visitors in real time using live chat software on your website and send them your affiliate links through chat.


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