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Six Essential Hussle Tips for Entrepreneurs

Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.|Zig Ziglar

Tip #1:- Goals

Set your goals in writing and follow through. Those who set goal earn twice as much on average than those who don’t. Find your one most important task for the day and execute accordingly. Also set a time on these goals. Deadline creates urgency, urgency gets work done.

Tip #2:- Value People:

Connect with productive like-minded individuals or people. Study some books on basic social skills that will help you win and influence people and get some more important resource on networking.  Don’t ever forget your people: your employees, your customers, your family, your believers –no matter how big and bold you go, remember to honour your root and humanity behind your success.

Tip #3:- No pain no gain:

You may be tempted to quit right before the finish line, so remind yourself of how quitters aren’t successful. The most successful people are those that keep going even when they want to quit. Be proud of yourself and don’t expect instant success. It is not like the movie. Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint. Be ready and willing to fail. A successful entrepreneur will carve gems from the rubble. Instead of lamenting the loss, harness it. Failure can trigger transformation,steel your backbone, tame your ego, spark motivation, propel personal and professional growth.

Tip #4:- Work Smarter, Not Harder:

Embrace your goals and task each day and night, rewrite or edit them as necessary, but do not completely change them. Having your daily to do list would help you stay organised and make work easier. Don’t assume money is the key to everything, passion and innovative can bring you vast returns.

Tip #5:- Develop  your attitude:

Write for yourself a code of conduct you will live by and that would lead to a successful life. Our attitude towards others would determine their attitude towards us. The problem isn’t the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Develop your attitude about things and you’ll change your life dramatically in no time. Find a quiet place to meditate, Read your Core values when you get out of bed and live accordingly.

Tip #6:- Try new things:

Keep your mind fresh by trying new things outside your comfort zone. Don’t think you can ride on talent or brilliance alone. Expose your ideas to the elements. Exploring variety will Sharpen your ability to unite abstract ideas.

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