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Business Sorrow can End!

Sin is knowing what’s right and not doing it.- Business without ethics is detrimental to success- Business Ethics simply put are moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour in the conducting of business activities.

In business there are things consider to be morally wrong, some of which are written and some of which are the unwritten order of things. -Knowing that something is morally wrong and still indulging will only bring you sorrow and mourning- by and by you happiness will only be for a moment because nature have a way of crediting us for good and debiting us for our wrong acts.

Business Sin start with compromise of business standards which is a result of fear and greed. As a business person -you should be of decorous character. You should know right and live right. -Doing so will always give you an upper hand over others who have compromised standards of excellence.

There are no short cuts, that’s a tool used by those who seek your downfall. As a rational being- freedom and reason makes you and when you refuse to reason, what are you then, – mere animal.

I have often time hear people say- I had no choice– but is that true? Of course no! There is always a choice because of freedom. Sometimes it could be deciding to choose or not to choose at all.

If we must succeed and remain successful in business we must learnt to distinguish wrong from right and then set principles for ourselves and around our business activities- then through and through live true to those principles.

Cheating your way through might take you there but it will not keep you there. Be a man/woman of high moral principle. When Mediocrity is the order of the day, then pain and sorrow is at the hem.

It is my wish that we all progress in our business endeavor but the only thing that will hedge our way is “SIN”.

To falter we need to use our hands to steal, feet to go and company with bad groups that cheat and plunder, Mouth to lie and slander and Mind to think evil and compromise standard. Think before you act, be watchful -the adversary is prowling like a lion seek for whom to make miserable- count your teeth with your tongue before you speak, learn in silence and speak with boldness the truth, be firm in your objective- cleave to fairness and never seek other peoples downfall- figure out the rest for yourself.

Be successful by living successful principles. Even if you have compromised standards before you still have a choice and chance to correct them and uphold business ethics. Business Sin and Sorrow can end if you dare to do what’s right today.

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