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Basic Ideas in Starting-Up a Skin-Care Business

Before starting a Business it’s good and important to determine the location of the business, whether off-line or online or both.

The NPD Group, a market research company says; “the beauty industry is the fastest-growing consumer product category, with an eight percent annual growth in recent years, primarily driven by makeup sales. Starting your own line of skin care products is a potentially lucrative business idea.”

Just like most businesses, you need to have an ability to relate and communicate with clients, as a lot of time will be spent on meeting potential customers and engaging them. You should also pay attention to details as you effectively communicate your product and services.

My tip for you is that in addition to your make-up, beauty and skincare skills, you may also consider increasing your knowledge in branding and marketing because the industry is very competitive and is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The qualification you need to start up; a passion for the business which will lead you to spending a lot of time researching more about the industry. If you want to manufacture beauty products you must ensure that you get the necessary legal issues sorted out and this will require lots of money, you have to comply with the Law; if you sell internationally, you must comply with the laws of the country where you sell.  But if you are not! Then you don’t need to worry about procuring specialist equipment. However you can package beauty products correctly and send to clients. If you are starting at home, you need to purchase the proper equipment to make your skin care products. In many cases, you can use your kitchen as your workspace.

Determine your overall goal and what you want to achieve from this business. Set yourself a realistic financial target and make plans to meet them, also determine you cost per clients, cost per day, cost per month as you also consider your revenue and break-even points. Make a budget.

Below are some of the ways you can start;

Create a Youtube channel:

Use the Youtube channel to teach people how to do it themselves. Give home-made tips, videos and publish your work on Youtube. Use quality video and make sure they are not too long. You can also monetize your videos with adverts and get money from sponsors. It is absolutely free to get a youtube channel.

Create a Social media Account for your Business (e.g facebook, Instagram, Blogger, twitter etc.):

Use a beautiful and catchy name. Post original and quality pictures of make-up that you have done. Using before and after. Post Pictures that describes services and products that you offer. Do not copy other people’s work. This will grossly affect your business. You can get ideas from their work and make yours. There is actually very few new things online most of the things you watch and read have been done by someone else and is reproduced in different ways so as to bring in originality and creativity.

Augment your Product and Services:

According to investopedia, “An augmented product is a commodity that has both the primary physical attributes and the non-physical attributes that are added to increase the product’s value. Non-physical attributes of an augmented product may include a product warranty, service or installation and may increase the price of the basic product being purchased, allowing the company selling the good to provide the consumer with other services that make using the product easier.” This can be achieved by featuring interactive adverts, reward people for checking-in, give product and service trials etc.

Start Now:

One great thing about owning your business is the sense of personal achievement. Optimism will help you, as you do seek to start and grow your business know that setbacks will come but speak positive to yourself and get back on your feet. Decide now and take a location and start doing something today. Time is money and no positive effort is wasted, people make money by meeting people’s needs and putting their dreams to work.

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