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Finding New Business Opportunities through ‘Datrepreneurship’

“I want to find new business opportunities” is a goal many entrepreneurs express, but few people follow to the end. But rather than harp on the failure cases, I’d like to focus on the people who find success. The people who are so sick of failure that they’re willing to try something a little different. For these people, I recommend the law of attraction through datrepreneur because you’re in a place to easily see its need and power.

So, what is the law of attraction? Well, it’s the idea that like things attract one another. And more specifically, it’s the idea that what you belief and feel and what you get are synonymous. In other words, if you’re having problems attracting and meeting the right entrepreneurs, the problems are in the ways that you’re selling yourself.

Complementary Entrepreneurs are your number one source of finding new business opportunities and finding the right people that will give you the right information to overcome business threats. Identifying business opportunities is very hard and also very simple.

The word Datrepreneurs is not found in the dictionary. So what does Datrepreneurs mean? I like to say it’s a combination of 95 percent entrepreneurs and 5 percent dating.

Datrepreneurship is a stage of business relationships in entrepreneurs whereby two entrepreneurs meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a rewarding business relationship.

And while this is a hard teaspoon of bitter medicine to swallow at first, it’s actually rather straightforward because it’s far more clear in relation to dating than anything else in the world because dating literally is about attraction in the purest sense. And further, most peoples’ problems are in their “mental game”, not in how they look, what they have to offer, etc. I know a lot of really good entrepreneurs, and they very often date entrepreneurs who has no direct bearing with their business (there’s something so hot about slacker couch potatoes with nothing to offer… what, I’m still not sure, but something). At first, I just thought it was certain entrepreneurs; however, I see this trend a lot: entrepreneurs date a lot of horrible entrepreneurs they’re not compatible with and with whom they will not benefit.

Dating the wrong entrepreneur will only make you a Host to the Parasite. You invest so much resources and you get nothing back in return.

And I say this for one specific reason: stop wallowing! There are several unhappy entrepreneurs out there that you could make very happy because they’re looking for you right now–and haven’t found you yet.

Learning how to market yourself is a critical step on the roadmap to finding successful business opportunities. A basic tool of marketing is called positioning. Companies use this tool to distinguish their products or services in ways that are important to the customers they want to attract. A product can be positioned based on such things as product attributes, quality, value, personality, and imagery– You should think of yourself as a product. Create a positioning that is based on your comparative cost advantage.

How do you appear interested without coming off as desperate or needy? How do you get to know an entrepreneur without being nosy or rude? And how do you figure out how an entrepreneur feels about your business — or tell them how you feel about theirs — without either of you feeling uncomfortable?

Datrepreneur is a tricky business, but here are some guidelines that’ll keep you successful and in the mix!

Define your expectations. Why are you datrepreneuring? What are you looking for? Decide how and where you want to find the right entrepreneurs for your business. Choose a date with an Entrepreneur that has good prospect for your business and not just attraction or excitements. He should be intrinsically motivated towards your business course and should indicate genuine love and interest for your business. You also should be interested in his/her business for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Building a Contact List.

  • Request that your family and friends and their families ask their friends, families and co- workers for referrals. 
  • Try Internet datrepreneuring. Online datrepreneuring is the wave of the future. You set up a well tailored business profile, browse other business profiles at your own convenience, and meet in person if you’re both willing. Online datrepreneur is efficient and great for people who are a little shy (but not only for them). On the other hand, you’ll get a lot of people who blatantly lie on their online profile and misrepresent themselves. 

Be outcome-independent. 

In datrepreneuring, you’re going to deal with rejection. In fact, if you’re not getting rejected at some point, you’re probably not putting yourself out there enough. If you’re outcome-independent, meaning you don’t care whether you’re welcomed or rejected by a potential partner, that rejection isn’t going to sting. If rejection doesn’t sting, you won’t let it keep you from meeting new and interesting opportunities thereby increasing your chances of success.

Ask your contacts for a business date. 

If you think your first few minutes of interaction has gone well, go out there and say it. It’s going to be hard, but you can do it. Don’t beat around the bush. As difficult as it may be, the other person appreciates the honesty. You can always say something like: “Hey, you seem like a really interesting person. Would you maybe want to grab a drink later on in the week?”

Prepare to Make a good first impression. 

A good appearance is important, because people form opinions of you based on appearance and first impressions. It’s also important to greet the person you are meeting with a smile, eye contact, and a firm hand shake. Such a greeting communicates warmth, confidence, and an eagerness to know the person.

If you’re shy, it’s very important that you force yourself to overcome your shyness when greeting people. Shyness can be very difficult to overcome, but it truly is a matter of determination and practice. A good way to practice is in front of a mirror or with those you are well acquainted. This technique provides you the opportunity to see yourself in action and get feedback from others. Start your meeting by thanking the person for meeting with you.

Take some time to build rapport by talking about comfortable things.
Don’t talk about your past business problems or past failures. Discuss business opportunities and strengths. Turn off your phone. The only reason you should be checking or answering your phone is if you’re a doctor.

Learn your table manners if you’re eating food.

Don’t exaggerate or boast about your credentials, successes, etc. Just tell them what you really enjoy businesswise, what gets you motivated and what you want to leap out of bed to pursue. Ask them what they really love businesswise and what gets them motivated. Feel the change in energy during this conversation and revel in it. Don’t forget to add a spark of humor to your conversations. Humor can create a stronger bond of friendship between you two.

Be positive.

If you have had a bad day, still greet them with pleasure and a big smile. Don’t show up for your business date complaining.

Planning the End from the Beginning.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. If you stay with someone for 8 hours straight, the end is probably not going to be as exciting as the beginning. Then you leave that memory to linger until you next see the person, which isn’t a great feeling.

  • You’ll need to be organized so you can make the most of this opportunity and respect the time of the person you are meeting. This is your chance to deepen your understanding of the business and entrepreneur by learning about the experiences of someone actually doing the work. Conducting a successful meeting requires skill. A key meeting tool is an agenda. An agenda keeps a meeting focused and ensures relevant topics are addressed. 
  • Take notes during your meeting to record important information. Taking notes will assist you to write a report of your meeting later. It also tells the person that you value what he or she is saying. Write a report summarizing the information. 
  •  Follow-up Immediately after your meeting, you should send a hand written thank you note to the person you met. It’s very important to express your appreciation, and the person you talked with will appreciate your note. This is also a good way to start building an ongoing relationship with a professional. It is never too early to start building a network of people from whom you can learn. Never call, e-mail or text message more than once a day unless they reply. — the idea is to overcome any feeling that you “need” to call them, or you “need” to see them again, or you “need” this to work out. The difference between “needing” and “wanting” is patience. Be honest, mature and know what is reasonable.

So, to tie this together, if you say, “I want to find business opportunities”, then get out there and do it; however, the reason that you’re falling into problems is because there’s something about you and how you react in the Datrepreneurs situation that gives you the reactions that you get. There are hundreds of these ways to “block” yourself–and as soon as you begin attacking them, you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to actually finding successful business opportunities instead of just wanting to find it…

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