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Top 15 Inspiring Beyonce Knowles Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Beyoncé’s impact reaches beyond her music, as she consistently uses her platform to inspire countless fans with her messages of empowerment. In 2014, Beyoncé was named by Time magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world for a second year running.

Check out a few of her inspiring quotes below:

Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice.” – Beyoncé Knowles

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world. – Beyoncé Knowles

Take all the rules away. How can we live if we don’t change? – Beyoncé Knowles

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are. – Beyoncé Knowles

We all have our imperfections. But I’m human and you know, it’s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty. – Beyoncé Knowles

The reality is: sometimes you lose. And you’re never too good to lose. You’re never too big to lose. You’re never too smart to lose. It happens. – Beyoncé Knowles

I’m a workaholic and I don’t believe in ‘No.’ If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping. – Beyoncé Knowles

Do what you were born to do. You just have to trust yourself. – Beyoncé Knowles

When you love and accept yourself, when you know who really cares about you, and when you learn from your mistakes, then you stop caring about what people who don’t know you think. – Beyoncé Knowles

I don’t feel like I have to please anyone. I feel free. I feel like I’m an adult. I’m grown. I can do what I want. I can say what I want. I can retire if I want. That’s why I’ve worked hard. – Beyoncé Knowles

Women have to take the time to focus on our mental health — take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. – Beyoncé Knowles

When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me. – Beyoncé Knowles

I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence.– Beyoncé Knowles

I think it’s healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care – that you work hard and want to give a great performance. You just have to channel that nervous energy into the show. – Beyoncé Knowles

It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy, what I will not tolerate. I have learned that it is no one else’s job to take care of me but me. – Beyoncé Knowles


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