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A fashionista at Heart!

Do you go “ooohhh this is lovely” or “aaawww that is so cute”? Does the sight of a fabric, a cloth make you feel like “eeehhh this is so beautiful” or do you go “whoa nice plumps” over a pair of shoes, or a bag? Do you feel brightened when you see a nice hairdo or makeup? Do you have the height of FASHION at heart? I know by now you might really be thinking to yourself where am taking this too. If all these gives you the chills and makes you feel warm and lighter well, this article is for you…………….. Yes you.

The fashion world is one of the fastest growing industry that still gives space for everyone. Taking a look into today’s fashion world, one might feel overwhelmed and ask where do I really start? Fashion is more than clothes, it’s more about fabrics, designs, footwear’s, hairstyles, make-ups, bags and lots more that I have no idea about. But this much I know, Passion ignites Fashion.

If you are passionate, you can turn your flare for these stuffs to a great company. It entails acquiring the basics and working hard to get to where you know you want to get. No EMPIRE was and would ever be built in a day. Below are basic tips that I trust would help anyone get their empire;
      Know where your passion lies:
 Clothes? Shoes? Bags? Make-up? Follow your heart! This is key.
      Acquire the basic skill:
Every pig has to roll in mud before getting clean, so every fashionista must be willing to get skillful to become skilled. Get online Research! Research!! And Research!!! Talk to people whom you know are into the area of fashion you love, either verbally or online. Practice breeds perfection. As you learn just practice and ask for more insights. Fashion schools are growing. Enroll!
           Learn the Fads:
This is very important. Fashion is revolving. Go on fashion platforms, watch fashion shows (How do I look, fashion police, among others), use social media (Pinterest would be very helpful). Learn the fashion words too. Trust me there are several.
     Never forget your ideas:
No matter how hazy or clumsy they might be, your ideas can revolutionize the world of fashion. Trust your ideas!
         Start Now:
Don’t just go around talking about the things you love. Channel the passion. Spend time to act and not to speak. Put up your work to friends, get them on social media platforms.
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