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10 ways to be a Successful Photographer

The photography business has a crowded market with high competition. To be successful in the business, one must avoid many pitfalls. You must constantly do a routine check on yourself and your business. This will enable you identify areas of improvements. Tip: Use Shopify 14days free trial to Create online store for your Business while it last, Millions of Entreprenuers are using it. Below is our list of 10 that will help you;

1. Pride:

According to Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre; ” Too many people spend money they earned…. to buy things they don’t want…. to impress people that they don’t like”. While Rogers says; ” A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you”. For progress in your personal life and photographic business; Pride must Die in you. We all make mistakes as humans, we must seek not to gratify our pride, we must be willing to accept faults. Your competitors and haters will try hard to pull you down and destroy your accomplishments. Do take it away from yourself by breeding pride.

2. Don’t Hate:

There are photographers who spend most of their time talking bad about the other man’s work. If you are always slandering and destroying others. Then you can’t go far. No one likes to associate or promote destruction.

3. Mr. Perfect:

When mistakes are made by you or others, you don’t respond like a steward should do. Stewards accepts faults even if its not theirs, they don’t blame others. They seek for ways to improve. Those who are always blaming others never grow. They see others as the reason for failure. They are always right, they always defend themselves and their work. Photography is an Art and the last time I checked, there is no such thing as Perfect Art or Artist in this imperfect world. Great Artist learn and grow by listening and improving through creative ideas generated by themselves and others.

4. Be focused:

The right style is to focus in a particular part of the business, don’t be a Jack of all trade and a master of none. To maintain your photography dreams you have to shoot projects that are close to your dreams and that are in the direction you want to go.
This will attract the right kind of clients to you. But there are times where you may have to do jobs that are not in you dream road. Its okay to do them, so as to generate money needed to invest in your dream project.

5. People:

People should be your number one. They should be the central focus of your strategies. You are to serve them in love, respect and with dignity. If you treat them right you will get it right.

6. Attitude:

Attitude defines you and tells people much about you. You can’t hide a bad attitude. Hiding a bad attitude is like keeping a broken exposed rotten egg in your pocket and expecting no one to notice it. While a good attitude will help you in your business relationship, a bad attitude will destroy a good job. A bad attitude will collapse a Skyscraper in seconds.

7. Integrity:

Be completely honest and upright in rendering services to clients. Never engage in anything demeaning, low or cheap. Raise a standard and live that standard. People naturally will respect you and your business for the Standard that is integrity driven. Everyone likes to associate with high standards, be that standard and you will build a successful photography business.

8. Moral Codes:

In a world infected and sick of pornographic images, you can cause a change that you will be happy about. Don’t because of money create, participate or even promote that which will destroy the world you now live and your posterities will continue to inhabit because  of that which cankers. Remember point number 5 “people” should be your number one. Build, uplift, inspire and increase. If you are not adding, please and please don’t destroy. Encourage high moral standards. Strive for modesty and dignity and your work will live after you. You will look back in time and be happy for the lives you have contributed positively and at the people you have inspired. That’s the hallmark of success. Its not in the Money. Great men and women are remembered for their positive contribution to humanity.

9. Be a Learner:

This principle will help you. No one ever achieved success without learning. The job you are doing now is as a result of what you have humbled yourself to learn yesterday. So learn today to be able to meet up with the ever changing tomorrow. There are many problems and challenges that lies ahead and only those who can solve them gets rewarded for it. What ever knowledge you acquire and act upon will give you so much the advantage than another who have refused to soak his/her self in the pool of learning.

10. Be Real:

Set meaningful and worthwhile goals and strategically make plans to achieve them, one step at a time, small and good efforts will create huge good difference in the future for you…be real in your business practices while focusing on the most important things. Draft a list of what is important and what’s not… Determine what each task or project will cause you to loss or gain in the future and focus on the real ones while discarding shadows of what seems to be real.

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