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5 Powerful Tips to help you Become More Productive

Productive has different meaning, depending on its usage. But for this article we would be focusing on Productive in terms of how you can achieve a significant amount of results thereby enhancing your skills by becoming more prolific, inventive, creative, dynamic, energetic, vigorous and effective. Hence these tips can help you in germane ways as, its important guide cannot be over emphasized.

 Here are the tips.

 1. Staying Focus can help you minimize distractions:

 This can be achieved by Meditation which can help relax the mind and give room for filtered ideas while discarding unproductive thoughts and replacing it with more productive one. Isaac newton spent more time on his “thinking chair” than He did outside his thinking chair. Meditation also enhance our well-being.


 2. Get Adequate Sleep and Rest:

 Here is what teach us about sleeping and resting: “..Your body needs both sleep and rest. Think of taking a rest as giving yourself a break or time-out from the hectic pace and pressure of daily life. Resting doesn’t even have to be done lying down. You can do it while seated, by meditating or engaging in visualization or deep-breathing exercises.

 The important thing is to give your mind and body a chance to recover and recharge when you’re feeling out of steam… If you’ve been skimping on sleep to get more done during your waking hours, you may be fooling yourself if you think you’re getting away with it. The truth is, insufficient shuteye can compromise the way that you feel and function around the clock, often in sneaky ways. After all, good-quality sleep provides your mind and body with the opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation, which can help enhance your everyday performance.” Excerpt. Spending time with love ones (family and friends) can also help you rest.

3. Avoid Being a Multi-purpose Machine:

Take one job at a time, don’t multi-task yourself. Be patient with yourself. Here is what have to say about multi-tasking; “while we tend to think of the ability to multitask as an important skill for increasing efficiency, the opposite may in fact be true. Psychologists have found attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity.” excerpt.

 4. Be Optimistic:

 Negative or pessimism will not help you but rather deter your effectiveness and make you feel self-pity and increase your stress level. Get a list of good things you have accomplished and have the “I can become” mentality by looking at the bright side of things. This will help you stay motivated rather than discouraged.

 5. Avoid wasting Time: Make a good plan each day of how you want to achieve your goals and go to work. This can be achieved by practically selecting worthwhile goals and organize yourself in achieving them.

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