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10 Ways to Be a Successful Fashion Designer

Before you can make good money as a designer, you must understand the clothing business and the aspect to concentrate your efforts. For this reason we researched 10 ways to help you properly direct your efforts so you can generate good revenue.

1. Attack a Niche:

Don’t try to solve everybody’s problem, because if you try, you might end up becoming Mr. Nobody. Identify a clothing feature, demographic, quality and price range to satisfy a specific market need. You should also know that, the more specific  your products, the less competition and the harder it is for others to duplicate your fashion strategies. Within a niche you can find and target customers for your clothing line, know where they are, what they do, and how to reach them; your target customers will love you because they know you are there to solve their specific problems. For instance, if you choose to specialize in Uniforms, you can target schools, companies, small business, gas stations, security organizations, and government bodies. The idea is to be a BIG FISH in a small river, rather than to be a small fish in an ocean. The bigger companies are the Elephants that meets everyone’s need in the market, you are an Ant; you can’t compete with the big guys now. You have to grow to match their strength. That’s why attacking a niche will help you meet goals successfully. Don’t be a jack of all trade, be known for something, let people you serve easily identify that you are there to solve their special needs in every action you take towards serving them.

2. Observe Your Target Market:

Human behaviors are highly dynamic, this also means their needs are highly dynamic. Know more about your target market, where they are: online or offline, what do they do, what are they looking for and who do they often relate with, once you have gathered sufficient information about them, warmly reach out to them by engaging in a conversation, drop a flier or business card. Often keep touch with them but don’t be a BUG. They will contact you when they need you, as you relate with them, be genuine as a friend and not a money hunter. People should be your number one. Help them to build trust and confidence in your business and you and they would most likely patronize.

3. Use Shows and Events:

Shows, Events and Festivals are good and quality ways to meet special needs and sell directly. You reach you target customers through these platforms; you can also create and keep quality relationships that will help your fashion business. Prior to the shows or festivals you can inquire about booth prices, get a booth where you can display your outfits and sell directly, you can make huge profits and quality clients from quality shows. Your strategies must be geared toward targeting customers. Getting big nuts from big shows is 99% success rate. While big nuts from small shows is 1%. So determine which shows to attend that will give you what you want and invest in it.

4. Online Sales:

You can set up a store front using Shopify, Esty, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo etc. Or even sell as a Merchant on Jumia and konga. These shop fronts are easy to set up with less complications. The expensive option is to host your own eCommerce site and get an App. You can use blogsite and tutorial videos via YouTube to drag targeted traffic to your site and sell your products.
Use words that potential customers would commonly use when looking for your designed business solution.

5.Cutdown Expenses:

To make more profit, you have to be efficient and effective in resource usage and allocation. Avoid excesses and waste. Get your materials from well known wholesalers. You can research for manufacturers of the materials you need and contract them for direct supply. You can wisely use Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Worldwide brand. Generally, buying wholesale will save you 30-50% or even more.

6. Use Promotion:

Many people have clothes they love so much that are damaged, they are sometimes with rips, broken zippers, missing buttons, beads and stones, you can offer a FREE repair or alteration service to your target customers with a limited or time offers.

You can use quality photographer to help you with quality photographs of your designs. Poor photographs will grossly destroy a good job.
Use Models not dummies.

7. Affiliate with Complimentary Products:

Business owners with compliment products are partners not competitors. Finding those whose products or services compliments your own can be done through blogs, social media and advertisements. Look at Ad banners on blogsites, websites, search engines, social media etc, to get good offers and cool information on services and products that compliments your fashion business.

Don’t just choose any affiliate to promote your products determine if they are worth it. For example, a good make-up artist with quality deals, when you affiliate with such, will 99% most likely land you a quality business deal for your clothing line. Associate with 5 millionaire and you could be the 6th One.

8. Offer Tutorials:

Many people would love to be a fashion Designer but there are lots of things that stands in the way. Learning to sew is a need and problem for most people in your target market. You can meet these needs at profit. You can make huge profit off training new designers but you will need to have machines, materials and space.

You can also make video training sessions and publish online, you can even use books, magazines, and website. You don’t have to be an expert to train experts, the idea is the more you train, the more you learn and improve. Training can be a great way of getting free hands to help you meet bigger targets and reach more needs at profit.

9. Be Completely Honest:

One problem with most fashion designer, is the lack of honesty. They are not true to their words. They do not honour commitments. They are after money and sell the core value of honesty which build integrity and high moral character. Dishonesty is the basic hallmark of bad attitude. Bad attitude is like flat tyre, it will take you no where, says a popular adage. Honours appointment time, fix honest price and design to meet high standards and goals. Do rubbish, you get rubbish, build quality, you get quality.

10. Diligence:

Diligence is a wise dogged, rugged  and resilient mindset tangled with worthwhile efforts directed at achieving end goals. It is working SMART not working hard.

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