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What Every Marketer Should Know?


The end of marketing is the beginning of marketing. Marketing rightly fits the phrase “it is not the beginning nor is it the end, it is the end of the beginning.”

Marketing creates value, it builds each individual, it redefines lives, it revives communities, unifies families, and heals the world. Don’t be mistaken, Marketing is not an Entity to act. It is the individual, the marketers that cause the impact, be it negative or positive.

Marketing unifies and implements other mind-blowing elements with LOVE as its drive.

As a lover seeks to identify the needs of those they love and earnestly seeks ways to meet them given extreme situations and costs. So does a Real Marketer in every word. What does the lover stand to gain from the selfless sacrifice? The marketer’s selfless act of love encourages like behavior, even from those who might fear the marketer, and allows communities to grow much larger and healthier over time. It makes a better marketer. Remember, for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. Love likewise builds trust and loyalty.

A marketer who selflessly reaches out to each individual with pure and incorrupt motives of helping and meeting needs stands to build love in our communities thereby encouraging growth and development. Creating more happy situations and people around. Because that marketer does not watch the figures, but rather is on the lookout for people. That is being Human. Those served by the marketer will remain loyal and have increased trust in the marketer because they know he has their interest at heart. When such marketers leave an organization, So do the people they served. Employers find it very difficult to part with such individuals. They are loved because they loved.

The following scenario am going to paint is what we see today as against what ought to be;

Today, sneaky, slimming, snakes are everywhere, not the people but the attitude. People have decided to kill the human in them, they have used their power to choose and form awesome characters and build a high attitude to rather develop the untrue versions of Love and Marketing.

When defiled love is the action, the reaction is deception. What do you see on the internet, society, television, news, etc? You see DECEPTION… MIXED OR HALF-TRUTH.

Who are the products of the Defiled society? The defiled Marketers, whose standards and code of ethics have been compromised by and influenced by business moguls, whose aim is the figures (i.e. MONEY at the expense of Human life). They claim they are doing so to salvage themselves and their families but at length are destroying themselves. Their evil designs and structures built over time will bounce back to consume them. There is a popular adage that says; The Native Doctor that Causes the rain to fall, should not be afraid of the thunder and lightning that follows it.

Everyone knows and loves to say; that the customer is THE KING. That makes everyone in the organization, including the marketer who drives the organization THE SERVANT. The KING demands loyalty from the subjects, who get the KING’S loyalty in return. In branding, the highest point a brand can reach and comfortably survives is “Brand Loyalty”.

Every marketer aims at getting their brand to this (Brand Loyalty) point but has broken the code of Service, they have rather sown dishonor and are seeking loyalty. How is it possible? Tricks can take you there but they won’t keep you there. The decline and death stage of the product life cycle will get hold of corrupt marketers now or soonest.

No one will ever commit to a brand they don’t trust nor to a brand that has betrayed them. It’s more difficult to fix than to build. “Think about the broken egg.”

When needs are met favorably, people are happier. Marketing believes in equity and fairness. Marketers strive to create a platform where everyone is accommodated with each person being unique and important.

But, what do we see? Inequality. Marketing, instead of being the solution is now the problem, instead of creating it’s destroying.

Let’s examine “Mr. Ken, who is a chain smoker.

As a marketer, what does Mr. Ken need?

More cigarettes? Or cigarette-free life?

But what do we see today’s marketers do, they work tirelessly on powerful advert projects that will stimulate anyone to want to smoke. They use different arts and strategies known to man to entice an individual to indulge.

Is this creating? Is this building? Is this Love? My heart burns with much grief just thinking about the millions who grieve and are still grieving over the loss of loved ones to this destroying substance which these marketers stay up at night and attend meetings to create and promote. Am just using this scenario, there are worst cases to which many can attest, which have ridiculed the human race and exterminated beloved ones, and pushed them to unrecoverable health challenges.

As a marketer, you must examine your stand and what you seek to either create or destroy for that which cankers ” Money”.

On a final note, Marketing emanates from love, which has no end nor beginning. Every marketer should earnestly seek ways to love those they serve, only then can they genuinely meet needs, gain loyalty, understand each one (CUSTOMER)  and redefine the world they live, then will they reach a ripe old age and say; It was worth living for, with a well-fulfilled career because you have lived for others.

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