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When Writing a CV You Should Always

You’ve got a great business idea, but no capital to start. What should you do? Find a Job! When applying for jobs, it’s important to show off your skills and achievements. But how much do you really need to include in your CV?

CVs are essential when applying for a job. They give employers a snapshot of who you are as a person and they allow them to get a sense of what kind of workplace culture they might want to experience.

You don’t necessarily need to write a long essay detailing every single skill or achievement from your life. Instead, focus on highlighting the things that make you unique and interesting. This way, you won’t turn away potential employers. Below are 7 things you should always include in your CV.

1. Include your personal information.

You should always include your name, email address, phone number, and any other contact information that could help someone find you if they have questions about your work. You may want to include a link to your website or social media accounts. If you’re working on a CV for a job application, you might also want to include your resume.

2. Your education history.

If you have degrees, certificates, or awards, make sure to list them here. If you don’t have any formal training, you can still put down some general qualifications.

3. Your professional experience.

This includes anything relevant to your field. If you’re applying for a job in marketing, you might mention your previous internships or volunteer positions. If you’re looking for a position in IT, you might talk about your previous jobs in software engineering.

4. Your skills.

What do you know? What are your strengths? List out your skills and abilities. If you’re good at something, you’ll probably get credit for it.

5. Your hobbies.

Do you play sports? Do you enjoy reading? Do you love animals? Make sure to include these interests on your CV.

6. Your goals.

What do you hope to achieve in your career? Are you hoping to advance in your current role? Or maybe you’d like to move into a different industry altogether. Whatever your goal is, write it down here.

7. References.

Who can vouch for you? Who would recommend you for a particular job? If you’ve worked with people before, make sure to include their names and contact details.


A CV is an essential document when applying for a job. You should always include your personal information. You should always include any relevant educational history. You should always include your professional experience. You should always include any skills you have. You should always include anything related to your hobbies. Always include references and contact details

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