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Common Blogging Pitfalls

The main benefit of blogging is that anyone can write or create articles at absolutely no cost. What’s the worst part about blogging? People often get discouraged when they don’t see immediate improvements.

If you’re looking forward to blogging, it’s important to remember these common pitfalls that can stop you from reaching your goals. Blogging has become a new way to earn passive income. 

Blogging is very useful because it allows anyone to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the rest of the world. At the same time, however, it also comes with some drawbacks. Read on to discover the top pitfalls that might prevent you from achieving your blogging dreams.

No Specific Niche:

Before starting a blogsite, You have to identify a niche. According to wiki; “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. It is also a small market segment. For example, sports channels like STAR Sports, ESPN, STAR Cricket, and Fox Sports target a niche of sports enthusiasts. Every product can be defined by its market niche.”

Your Blog title is not Catchy:

All blog titles should represent the content of the blog. They should be SMART: That is Specific, Mature, Artistic, Responsive and Tasteful. This will enable the blog get more readership and interaction in your blog.

Your Domain is too long:

When blog domains or URL are too long, it affects customer’s retention after first visit. It`s one thing to get readers to your blogsite and as important as getting them in, is to retain them as they will keep your site alive and bring more readers.

No Original Contents:

Most blogger copy the work of other and are too lazy to write and create a brand image for themselves. Every business requires time and effort and must have a unique selling preposition. This will differentiate you from your competitors. In addition to originality ensure that customers find your blogsite worthwhile, this is achieved through enriching contents that are timeless.

Unorganized Blog Interface and Designs:

A blog is just like a shop, a disorganise shop affect service time and no customer likes to be kept for so long. We must cut waiting time to zero. So to foster this; the blog is organised, so that readers can easily get what they want with minimum or not delay, thereby enhancing their experience with the blog and the template or design should not be clumsy and too busy as it distracts.

Too Many Adverts:

It is true that bloggers make their revenue from adverts, donations and other affiliate programs, but this should not affect the blog personality, when the adverts become too much it will deface your blog site and make it too clumsy and slow. This will interfere seriously with the customers who are the readers. Remember they brought the traffic that brought the advertisers, if you dissatisfy them by tempering with their experience they will go somewhere else just with a push of the button and you loose traffic and your advertisers as well.

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