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Here is How to Stand Out on Search Engine with Free Business Profile

When you talk about ranking very high on search engine, the first things that comes to mind is owning a website, having a social media account or having an App e.t.c. While this is very important, It is usually not the only way to stand out in search engine. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can consider which options best fits your plan.

In this article, we will be looking closely at how local business listing can help you stand out on search engine and how you can use this tool to grow your business and reach more customers. We would also see an example of local business listing. Lets get started;

What is Local Business Listing:
A local business listing is an online entry that contains your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) alongside other essential details which would enable your business to be sited online. There are a lot of websites like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Bing and Google my business where local businesses can create FREE local business listings.

Why You should Use Local Business Listing:
First, its Free! Secondly you can advertise your business locally in the sense of brand development and awareness. I mean, the more people are exposed to your business the more people are likely to utilize your services or buy your products. Thirdly; If people can’t find your Business Location or track you down, how can you expect more customers to walk into you shop? So it’s a way to reach out to a specific audience and capture the attention of people living around your business location as it allows you to promote whatever products or services you are offering to a targeted locations. You can focus on a specific demographic as far as country, state, city, town etc. You can even target zip codes or promote your business nationally or internationally. Another important spec to local business listing is that, you can use them to set-up a business profile even though you don`t have a physical location for your business, as long as you can make in-person contact with customers.

Learn How to Set-Up Google My Business Profile

Case Study:
Emmanuel owns a Barber shop in Warri, Delta State and uses Google My Business to advertise his shop. He puts important information like his business; Contacts, Shop Locations (Using Google Map), Working Schedule, A short description of his shop with the Products and Services he offers.

Peter just relocated to Warri, He is looking for a barbers shop, He uses his smart phone, types Barber shops in Warri using google search engine; Emmanuel’s Shop pops up on the search engine including the driving directions to Emmanuel’s Salon, He can call Emmanuel right away and book an appointment. 

Emmanuel shop gets notice easily by using local business listings. Emmanuel gets new customers walk through his doors everyday. That is business smart right!

How to use Use Local Business Listing:
Key features of Local Business Listings (LBL);

Business name/title:
Always use your Business Real name and Logo as Google can read street-level signs, so be sure that the way you format your name matches the sign on your business and your print marketing. Do not add additional keywords, geographic terms, or other modifiers to your business name.

For multi-location businesses (like chains or franchises), do not add city names or other modifiers to the business name in Google or any other local business listing. Except your legal business name includes city words or other modifiers. In other words, just be Studio 24 rather than Studio 24 in SPAR. For co-located businesses (like a SPAR/SHOPPING MALL), don’t combine the names of the two businesses. Create a separate listing for each brand at that location.

Give your real address:
No additions or alterations (such as fictitious house numbers). P.O Boxes and unstaffed virtual offices as this are not considered real-world addresses neither should you build local business listings for them. On Google, put your street address in line one and any suite or mailbox numbers in line two of the address section of the form. You must have a physical address of some kind to be eligible for a Google My Business listing, even if it’s only your home address. Do not create a listing for each of the cities your have served. Only create a listing for your physical location, even if this is your home address.

Use Your Phone Number:

Use your Phone number, so that prospective customers can call you. Google also wants you to list the number that connects as directly as possible to you or the business identity, rather than a call center.

Use Maps:

Use Google Maps to give prospective customers directions to where your business office is located.

Thank for reading; Apply these techniques today. It is said that; Wisdom is the Application of Knowledge. Get creative and win that market share.

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