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The Car Business (Part 2)

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I really am not getting all you saying. Mr Pete replied hastily.

 The brothers had worked together for more than 7 years. Within this period success has attended the business they had ventured into. They’ve had some hiccups too but nothing had gone beyond control till now.

This was a major blow to their labors.
Mr Pete had been meticulous and upright in his dealings. He had kept the records accurately, dealt justly as he worked with the clearing and forwarding agent as well as those who he employed to move the cars to the desired location. He valued his reputation than the money he made. A lot of his brothers friends had also dealt with him and could attest to his integrity. On the hand Mr Dan had not kept to his end of the deal. He tampered with receipts, had side deals that weren’t kept in the open. And this was the cause of the blow. Mr Sandy the clearing and forwarding agent had embezzled the money to clear the cars which caused a lot of problems. So much debt was incurred to secure the cars and at the end the profit didn’t even amount to pay off the debt and Mr Dan blamed it all on his brother who lost most of his money.

Dan the master mind from the beginning was the one who tried cutting down the amount to be paid for clearing the cars but he was betrayed by Mr Sandy this time and poof all his dirty acts over the years blew up in his face. The business could no longer strive. The brothers decided to dissolve everything amongst themselves so as to avoid more troubles.

 What could have protected Mr Dan?

Family businesses are cool. But a family business with a memorandum of understanding is cooler. Never venture into any business with anyone without this. It must be reviewed, understood, possibly amended before it is signed by the parties. 

Trust me its in your best financial interest. Would have gone a long way to help the cheated…….

Don’t get drawn into the moment. In considering a business idea consider all risks. Risks to your family relationship, your health. Mr Pete gets back to his family at odd times, he travels on a road filled with robbers and on days when the cars aren’t cleared he sleeps in unsafe places. Leaving him vulnerable

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