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The Car Business (Part 1)

“Hey I have a proposition which I know might be of interest to you” said Dan to his brother Pete.

Pete replied “shoot”

Dan hastily recounted his proposition about dealing in cars. Dan who lives abroad would buy used cars and car parts needed for refurbishment and send them down to his brother who then ensures the cars are cleared, refurbished if need be and placed on the market at a dealership shop for sale.

The sales price was to be determined after all necessary costs were incurred and analysed. Pete was to make a detailed record of costs expended in clearing, moving and refurbishing the cars as well as the cost expended to pay those employed in these services. Dan on the other hand was to record how much it cost to get the cars and the parts and the cost of shipment.

Every cost was to be recorded with appropriate receipts.

“Dan” said to Pete;

 “this is a great idea. I would love to venture but what am I to do to set this rolling and what’s my cut when sales are made”

Dan replied enthusiastically

“Bro we keep in cuts to foster this He who keeps in the biggest cut for each car gets the biggest cut when profits are actualized”.

This pleased Pete so well. Dan was also satisfied. Some other grounds were set and covered to foster growth but little did the brothers know of the boom and surprises that lay ahead of them and their business……. The Car Business Part 2

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