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Small Business Ideas That Will Get You Started While In University

Are you thinking about starting a business while studying at university? If yes, then you should check out these small business ideas.

Starting a business while studying can be challenging. You have to juggle between studies, finding time to complete assignments, and managing your finances. There are also other challenges such as lack of knowledge or experience.

You don’t have to worry about these problems anymore because we have compiled a list of small business ideas that you can start while studying. These ideas include selling food, offering tutoring services, and even running a blog.

One of the common dream young people have is to complete their education, start their businesses, and start making money. However, you don’t necessarily need to finish your education before you start your business; you can become an entrepreneur while in college. There are a lot of small business ideas that you can start while in the university that won’t disturb your education. We are going to highlight some of these businesses-

You can start a tutoring business-

This is a major business you can start that would be favourable to you as a student. You don’t need capital to start this business, all you would need is to be intellectually sound. Therefore, it doesn’t select the type of people to be involved in it. Also, it would take less of your time. An average tutoring class last for an hour and it’s done majorly three times a week. Therefore, it would be favourable to you as a college student because it’s less time-consuming, so you would have time for your academic work. Furthermore, because of the less time it requires to tutor, you can have several people that you tutor and make money from them all. You can decide to tutor students in lower classes or tutor your classmates in the university in courses that you are good at.

You can start a laundry service-

Another wonderful business idea that would be favourable to you as a university student is to start a laundry service. You can decide to do these for students on campus or external bodies. It is easy to start because you majorly don’t need a lot of resources. If you can afford a washing machine, then it would make the job easier for you. If you can’t, you would have to wash manually. Either way, you can get the job done, neatly press the clothes with iron and return them to the owners. You can decide to use your weekends to perform these services so you can concentrate on your academic work during the week.

You can run a delivery service-

Another business you can start while in the university is to run a delivery services. You would just need to identify people that needs to send goods or products from place to place, then opt in to deliver the goods and get paid for it. Another approach to this business is to wait-in for goods and turn them in to their owners; this means you would go and get the goods people ordered and take them to the owners, thus relieving them from the stress of waiting for the goods and bringing it to their destination, then you would get paid for your services.

You can sell cosmetics and skin care products-

In the university, you would come across different sorts of students and the majority of them care largely about their looks, some even more than their studies, the point is that you would definitely meet a lot of female students that would be in need of cosmetics and skin care products. You can identify these students, advertise your products, sell, and keep them as your customers to provide whatever skin care products or cosmetics they would need.

Hairdressing services-

You can also start a hairdressing service while in the university. You don’t need to own a saloon to successfully start and run this business, but you need to be skillful in your hairdressing so that you would keep getting customers. Almost all female in the university would make their hair, so if you are good at what you do, you would make a whole lot of money from this business that would be enough to cater for almost all you needs. Ps: some girls train themselves to school from the money they make from hairdressing service.

Sales of clothing and accessories-

Another business you can start while the university is to sell clothes and accessories like jewelries, watches, perfumes, and lots more. Surely, university students are always up to date with the latest fashion trends and majority of them wouldn’t want to be left behind, therefore, they constantly buy clothes and accessories to boost their status and remain trendy. If you decide to sell clothes and accessories in the campus, you are likely to earn a lot of money from it.

You can deliver snacks to business stores-

Another business you can start while in the university is to prepare snacks and deliver them to retail business stores to sell. In this way, you would only need to be actively engaged in the business early in the morning to prepare and deliver them, then you can have the rest of the day to concentrate on yourself and your studies.

You can start a noodles or small chops business-

This is quite different from the previously mentioned business. In this business, you can decide to make and sell noodles at night or small chops like grilled chicken, barbequed fish, pop corn, drinks and lots more. Students like hanging out at the end of the day and giving themselves a treat. Your little store can be a wonderful place for them to relax and you would make a lot of money from their patronage. If you do this business only in the evening (which is the key time), you would have the day to yourself to rest and do your academic work.

You can become a model-

I know modelling business requires certain features and attributes from an individual; if you meet up with them, you can become a model and earn money as you do your modelling job and your studies too. Modelling is not limited to girls alone, there are also male models out there, so if you are a guy and you have what it takes, you can decide to become a model and earn money while still in the university.

You can start blogging-

Blogging is a great way to build a personal brand and generate passive income. There are lots of bloggers who are now earning thousands of dollars per month from their blogs. You don’t need to be a professional writer or journalist to start a blog. All you need is a computer and a free WordPress account. Once you’ve created your blog, you can monetize it using various methods such as affiliate marketing, advertising, selling merchandise, etc. A blog is a great way to build traffic and increase brand awareness. If you want to start blogging, you’ll need to get some experience under your belt. Blogging takes time and effort. The key to success is to write regularly and consistently. Once you’ve built up a good audience, you’ll see your traffic skyrocket.

I have listed 10 business ideas you can start while in the university that would be favourable to you as a student. Most of these businesses doesn’t require a specific gender and I doesn’t need a huge capital to start up. If you are serious about starting a business while in the university, then consider one of the ideas. Thanks for reading!

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