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What Employers Expects from their Employees

Why is it important to know this information? It is important because all employers have a yardstick of which they measure the performance of their employees, and to determine whether or not a person applying for a job would be hired, or if an employee’s application for a promotion or salary-raise would be granted. Although employers are different, but they want the same thing from their employees. In this article, we are going to discover what employers expects from their employees. They are-

  1. To practice professionalism- all employers wants their employees to exhibit professionalism. They expect their employees to dress professionally, to work professionally, and to maintain a professional attitude. If employees stay professional, it would attract clients to the business owner, thus they expect their employees to practice professionalism at all times. You can practice professionalism by dressing appropriately for the job, by attending to clients in a dignified and effective way, and by being work-minded when you are at your duty post.
  2. To always arrive punctual to work- no employer wants an employee that constantly arrive late to work. This act causes a bad image for the employees and the employer as well, so they try to avoid such. In contrast, employers are motivated when they have punctual workers. They would have the assurance that even in their absence, work would be done on time. If you have the habit of waiting till the last minute then hurriedly preparing for your appointments, then you have to change that habit, and practice punctuality.
  3. To use their initiative- initiative is the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for somebody to tell you what to do. Employers wants employees to do much good on their own without being appointed to. They want employees to be resourceful and creative and be effective in problem solving. For example, if you know that doing this is right, then do it without being asked to. An example is if your employer sends you to find out the price of something, let’s say 4 gigabyte memory card; instead of just asking for the price of the 4 gigabyte memory card, you can ask for the price of other gigs, then your report to him would be something like this, “ A 4 gig memory card cost N3000, but a 8 and 32 gig memory card cost N4000, I would advice we add the thousand naira and get the 32 gig memory card”. By doing this, that employee have gone for the errand, and used his or her initiative to find out the price of other gigabyte of memory cards, and have been able to give an excellent report and good advice that would benefit the company; this is the kind of employee that employers want.
  4. To practice deference- deference is a behaviour that shows respect. It means to give respect to whom deserves it. In a working place, employers expects their employees to be respectful and carry out their orders. Inasmuch as it’s good to use your initiative in work, you should also know when to practice deference. This case is applicable when you’re working in a team and someone else has been assigned the team leader; if the team leader has given a guidelines to accomplish a task, and you feel it would be accomplished better if you use another approach, then you should respectfully share your opinion, and accept whatever your team leader decides after that, and not imposing your suggestion on him or her.
  5. To own the place and be proactive- employees own the work environment by taking charge of the duties they are assigned to, and implementing them successfully. Employers expects their employees to treat the company’s business as if it’s their personal business. They expect them to own the place and be proactive. When employees do this, they would be more serious and passionate about the work and not less enthusiastic about it. Also, they would perform better because they are comfortable in the work environment as if it’s their personal place. The effect of all these is that the employees would do better and the business would blossom.
  6. Loyalty- employers expects their employees to be loyal to them and the company. As an employee, you have become a part of the company and would have access to the company’s sensitive information and valuable resources. Your employer expects you to keep company matters, information, and plans confidential. Also, to keep your fellow employees issues confidential. They don’t expect an employee to badmouth his or her fellow workers or talk ill of the company behind their backs. They expect their employees to always have their backs even when they are not present to see it. Even if the company does something hurtful to you, it is better to keep it to yourself and if you must talk about it, let it be between you and close friends or family, but don’t spread the report to the public.
  7. Excellent customer service- employers expects their employees to perform excellent customer service and treat their customers well. They do this by putting customers first and going extra miles to satisfy them. This also requires an employee to be patient with the customers and be polite in whatever situation even when you are attending to a rude or angry customer. Because you are addressing a customer, you become a representative of your employer, so you’re expected to address and treat customers the way he or she would.
  8. Proper time utilizationemployers expects employees to utilize their time at work properly. They expect them to do the work they were employed to, and not use that work time for personal reasons or waste it doing nothing. Employees can successfully utilize their time at work by focusing on accomplishing specific work goals.

In Conclusion

Employers are always watching their employees to know if they are carrying out their work assignments to their satisfaction or not. By practicing the ideas I have listed above, you would be able to satisfy your employer and meet his or her expectations. Thanks for reading!

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