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Passion for your business does not mean constant stress

Passion is a strong emotion towards something. To a business owner, passion is that strong feeling that drives one to give his or her best and aiming for success. Being passionate about what you do and the services you render propels you to do more, and to do so without constant stress. Passion is born from within us; it starts as a dream, and then progresses to a goal that needs to be accomplished.

The opposite of passion is apathy. Apathy means a lack of interest towards something. Apathy in business therefore means a lack of interest in building a successful business. While passion drives a business owner to achieve goals, apathy discourages him or her from doing so. Therefore, when a person is driven by passion, he or she tends to perform well and become successful, but when they lack passion, work to be done becomes tiring for them, thereby leading them to experience constant stress.

Why do we need passion?

Passion is one of the most effective motivators. It drives us to pursue our goals until we accomplish them. Passion excites us to work. It reduces the stress we would face while working. Your passion doesn’t just motivate you alone, but also your team members. Passion for your business narrows your focus to one thing and that is to succeed in it. It would enhance your ability to provide the best services to your customers.

Passion drives you to work more than you would have if you lacked interest in your business. It gives you an edge over your less passionate competitors. Passion makes you persevere when you are facing difficulties, and motivates you to overcome your challenges. Passion makes you positive and hopeful about the future.

Qualities of Passionate Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs that possesses passion for their business exhibits the following qualities –
• Their passion inspires other business owners and motivates them to do better.
• They attract customers, investors, and resources to themselves by their actions.
• They are not stagnant, instead they continually move forward.
• They are risk takers. They are willing to try something new and different, and indulge in whatever would enhance the productivity of their business.
• They are committed to their work. They are willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes for their work’s success.
• They are famous for what they do. Everyone knows them and the service they render.
• They make attempts to try different things. They are not afraid to explore new opportunities.
• They can turn something that looks small and meaningless to something of great value.
• They dream of success, then convert their dreams to goals, and pursue them till they accomplish.
• They love learning, and equipping themselves with quality education and facts that they may not have known before.
• They make serious decisions even in tough times.
• They are hardworking, confident, and smart.
What is stress and how is it different from passion?
While stress is a psychological reaction to fatigue and restlessness, passion on the other hand is a strong desire to act, to work, and accomplish.

A popular entrepreneur, Simon Sinek said, “ Doing something you hate is called stress, while doing something you love is called passion”. However, you don’t necessarily need to hate a job before it can stress you, but having lack of interest in a job can lead to stress.

What is the effect of constant stress in business?

Constant stress can negatively affect a business’ overall performance. It could lead to poor performance, a reduction in business productivity, and can affect your health as a person. It causes lack of concentration, and may damage your relationship with people at work. Constant stress reduces whatever motivation you have for your business. It causes you to fail to meet up with expectations and deadlines. Constant stress disorganizes your mind, and make you lose focus on your tasks and goals. It reduces your level of creativity, and fosters negative thoughts and feelings about your work; this in turn reduces the quality of work you would do and services you would offer.

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What is the impact of passion in business?

Passion in business leads to more income and growth. It motivates you to focus on succeeding, to work tirelessly to meet up with expectations and reach your target. Passion drives you to provide your best services and please your customers. It leads to an increase in production, productivity, creativity, and quality services. Passion for business is one of the factors that determines whether your business would succeed or not.

How can you eliminate constant stress in business?

Here are some tips on how to eliminate constant stress in workplace:

Look for support – Reach out to people around you for support. Talk to those you trust about concerns you are facing, instead of keeping them bottled up within. Hire help if demand for your products is high and the load is too much on you; don’t shoulder the burden alone, else you will break down while doing so.

Don’t set unrealistic goals and deadlines – Know your capabilities, what you can accomplish and when you can do it. When you discover them, work with them. Set goals you can accomplish and deadlines you can reach. Avoid commitments that are too rigid for you.

Find a balance – Find a balance between your business and personal life. Know when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to handle personal affairs. When it’s time for work, devote your time, energy, and concentration to it; and when it’s time for yourself, learn to relax and give up work for that moment. Balancing work and personal life would improve you psychologically and help you avoid constant stress.

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Develop Organizational Skills – Organize your work place, your files, and activities in an orderly manner that would make it easier for you to navigate through your work process. Don’t jam-pack your schedule, instead space it to allow convenience, and prioritize your work to ensure you complete immediate tasks first.

Equip yourself with necessary resources and equipments – Sacrifice the finances required to obtain important resources and equipments, and go for them because they would make the production process faster and easier, relieving you of any stress you would have experienced working without it.

Start Early – Have you noticed that if you start working early in the morning, you won’t get tired easily, and you will cover large part of work needed to be done; while if you start working late morning or afternoon, you will get tired easily and won’t do much work. Therefore, to avoid constant stress, start your work early in the morning.

Take regular breaks – Working straight hours would only leave you exhausted with headaches and body pains. Plan to take regular breaks during work hours, so as to relax your mind and body, and prevent them from getting over worked up.
Believe in yourself and be optimistic – Believe in yourself and be positive about your products and services. Erase every negativity that pressurizes you to make everything perfect and makes you afraid that your work is not good enough. You can improve your optimism by seeing value in your work and the solutions it brings to satisfying people’s needs.

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Resolve Conflicts and Personal Problems – Try to resolve any conflict or personal problems you’re facing, to prevent them from stressing and weighing you down.
In order to constantly remain passionate about your business, you need to fuel and refuel your passion.

How to fuel your passion

• Remind yourself the purpose why you started your business. What is your business purpose? What solutions does it bring to customers? What is your vision for your business? Keeping these in mind will help sustain the flame of passion within you.
• Figure out what you love so much about your business and keep doing it.
• Be consistent in delivering your services to customers.
• Dream new dreams, set new goals, and pursue them.
• Develop a growth mindset. See failure as an opportunity to grow.
• Value your efforts and services.
• Believe in yourself and the ability for you to reach great heights in your business.
• Research new ideas for your business, try new things, and look for opportunities.

From all we have seen, it is confirmed now that passion for your business does not mean you will have to experience constant stress. Keep your passion alive. Thanks for reading!