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Businesses that can never be affected by PANDEMIC

The global Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of people to their knees because there was little or no means of livelihood. The pandemic forced so many businesses and organizations to close down; many people didn’t have means of getting money because they couldn’t go to work, some people were not paid their salaries, and others were paid half of their original salaries. The pandemic caused a global economic shutdown and financial disturbances. What would have happened if the effects of the pandemic has still forced people to be isolated and away from their jobs and businesses? How would they survive?

I am enfolding to you in this article 12 businesses that can never be affected by pandemics. They includes–

  1. Medical Centers – Medical centers were not affected during the coronavirus, and their workers were on deck and worked for their money. Hospitals, clinics, health centers, and pharmacies were not shut down during this period because of the essential services they render. This business can stand even in the midst of a pandemic.
  2. Food, beverage, and  provisions store – people cannot stay without food. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies and businesses had to come to an halt, but food, beverages, and provision sellers were exempted amongst others. Instead of them to suffer due to the pandemic, they made lots of profits because of their excess sales during that period. Therefore, it is a business that can thrive despite effects of a pandemic.
  3. Transportation service – While some transportation services were shut down during the pandemic (inter-state transportation), other transport workers were on deck because people must move from place to place. Even if there is to be a total shut down, essential care workers must move from place to place, and not all of them has personal cars, so the need of transportation services is needed.
  4. Blogging – blogging cannot be hindered by pandemics because it is done solely online. In fact, this is the time people would want to read news and articles more in your blog, because they have little or nothing to do.
  5. Sachet and bottle water production – even when other companies are running out of business, a sachet or bottle water production company would stand firm. They would be stable because their product is essential and they must sell them off. So, even in the midst of a pandemic, a sachet or bottle water production company would not be affected.
  6. Oil and gas business – whether you operate a petrol and gas filling station or you operate a medium scale petrol and gas refilling store, people would always need your services. They would need your fuel to run their cars and vehicles, and they would need your gas for cooking, hence no matter the condition of the country, you must be patronized.
  7. Farming – a farmer is the one that feeds the nation. Whether you deal in mechanized farming or traditional system of farming, the entire nation depends on you for food. If all businesses and companies were to shut down, the farmer cannot shut down too else the nation would be in jeopardy; so you see that it’s a business that would thrive in whatever circumstance, even in a pandemic.
  8. Virtual top up (VTU) – if all recharge card sellers were to stop selling due to shut down caused by a pandemic, everyone would depend on virtual top up services. It’s either they buy from their banks or from people offering virtual top up services. Imagine you own your own platform where you can perform this service, if a shut down was to occur and people know you can easily send airtime and data to their phones, and you can subscribe their Tv cables and pay their nepa bills, you would be patronized tremendously. So, virtual top up services is a business that cannot be affected by a pandemic.
  9. Hair cut barbing saloon and hair dressing saloon – if the effects of a pandemic is going to last several months, would people go around with bushy hair or unkept hair? The answer is no. No matter the economic condition of the country, hair must grow and people must barb; also ladies would make their hair and seek for other services hair stylist can render them. So, it is a business that can’t be affected by pandemic.
  10. Private tutoring services – the first sector to shut down which had the greatest contagion risk during the pandemic was the educational sector. Because of the covid-19 outbreak, schools have been shut down from then till now, which is six months that children have been at home; parent’s alternative to reduce the effect of education shutdown became to hire private teachers for their children and wards. So while schools have been shut down, some teachers have been able to earn a living by offering private tutoring services. If the effects of the pandemic is to last for six months again, private tutors would not be affected by it.
  11. Cleaning services – during the covid-19 pandemic outbreak, while some companies were put out of business, those offering cleaning services were highly demanded and sought after. People that rendered cleaning services and companies that rendered this service were needed to clean and sanitize public gathering places, market squares, town halls, schools, companies, and fast food eatery. The need for cleaning services cannot be exhausted, and cannot be affected negativity by pandemic.
  12. Delivery services – a pandemic outbreak can cause a limitation to people’s movements, but what happens when you need to deliver an urgent package and you cannot move around? That will lead to you seeking for a delivery service. During the coronavirus pandemic, when the government placed a ban on inter-state traveling, delivery service was not stopped, so although people could not travel, they could waybill goods to people in other locations.

Those are the 12 businesses that can never be affected by pandemic. While some people may loose their jobs and source of income, those involved in these businesses listed above would have income and means of livelihood, hence they are wise businesses to engage in. Thanks for reading!

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