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Learn How to Create Your Life Anew

Emotion attracts – the stronger the emotion the more attraction and chances of physical manifestation.

Emotion is energy in motion. By moving energy you are creating an effect. If enough energy is moved matter is created. Remember matter is just many slowed down layers of energy.

Therefore if you moved energy around for long enough (ie with enough intense emotion) you will get physical manifestation. This works for both negative emotions eg fear, and positive emotions eg joy.

This is the secret of life. Every great master who has ever walked the earth understands this concept.

Thought is also pure energy. All thoughts are creative. They leave your being and head out into the universe. They never ‘die’ since energy cannot be destroyed. This energy can however be changed if acted upon by another thought (different energy).

All thoughts of a similar nature (vibration/frequency) meet and form an incredibly beautiful and complex maze of energy. When enough similar thoughts form clumps and ‘stick together’ matter is formed. A huge amount of similar thoughts must come together for this to happen either by one person or group of people.

Each being on this planet is a three part being and contains a soul, a mind and a body. These three aspects are actually three energies and are sometimes called Thought, Word and Action. When all three are put together they produce a result which is a feeling (or experience) Thought then is the first level of creation. A thought will produce a certain level of creation. A thought will produce a certain level of energy.

If this thought has a strong level of emotion it will produce a stronger(denser) energy. Next comes the word. Words hold a stronger vibration and dynamic/creative energy than thought therefore they can disrupt or alter the universe with greater impact. Words are the second level of creation. Next comes action. We live in a physical world and therefore a certain amount of action is required. Action is bringing words(energy) into manifestation.

To think something, speak it and then put into action without belief is impossible. Therefore there has to be a certain level of emotional intensity or belief. Please note this also applies to fear driven manifestations. This is why the powers that have been on this planet for millennia have controlled the population using fear as a weapon. The population have reflected back this fear and created a huge matrix of negative energy which has kept us entrapped in a certain consciousness (energy) level.

So there has to be a high level of belief (or faith) before physical manifestation will take place (“By your faith shall you be healed”). Another way of saying this is that the action part of manifestation has to be done with enough faith or belief for it to happen. If you think that’s where the process stops this could be the reason that you may still be having problems creating the life you desire. Gratitude must be felt as you are going through this process. Some would say that is the most important part.

Gratitude is thankfulness in advance. It is being so sure of an outcome that you believe it has already happened, which on an energetic level it has of course because you have already had the thought, emotion, word and belief. If the creation you manifest is not exactly as you wanted it do not judge or condemn, just simply accept that you created it that way and go about changing it. You can do this by thinking a new thought, speaking a new word, doing a new thing and so on…

By D Kyle

Dave Kyle is a healer and international speaker talking about various subjects including the transition humanity is going through at the moment. He is author and owner of You can find the original article at All articles are copyright and should not be changed however may be quoted with a link back to the original.

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