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Increase Your Site Traffic with CROWDFIRE!

Social media is a cool way to create and share contents. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest  etc are platforms that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interest and other forms of  expressions through online communities, groups, and other interactive networks.

Today, about half the world are on one social media platform or the other, with tons of information and ideas being shared all over the world, showcasing new products, growing products, initiatives, events, meetings, carnivals etc. People are either sharing or buying or selling. Most have good product and service offering initiatives but do not get to reach the right audience and so, they get very poor responses to what they share and feel very discouraged.

Social media offers more promising future to individuals, families, corporate bodies, non governmental organizations, religious teachings and inspirations, researchers, entrepreneurs  etc, with each one looking for either this or that. It is for this reason I have researched and experimented on how to help myself and others meet their goals with ease on social media.

What I discovered?

I would use an example to best explain: A Farmer needs a land to farm. The Land is  the Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. He decides which type of crop to plant. Crop to Plant is the Content a Social Media User wants to Share. After all these, he cannot achieve his goal to be a successful farmer without TOOLS like cutlass, tractors, plowing machines, harvester, manure, trucks and human resources. The Tool is your Social Media Tools. You can achieve nothing without tools.

Social media tools are there to help you manage your social media account. They make social media marketing easy and make life less stressful just like how tools will help the farmer overcome difficult farming conditions. So, will  social media tools help you overcome difficult social media conditions.

What Available tool can I use?
I came across a supernal tool that has gone a long way to help me boost my social media presence and to keep touch with my audience regularly.

Unveiling The Tool:

The name of this tool is CROWDFIRE.


Crowdfire is what you need to give your social media presence a valuable boost with little effort and resources. CROWDFIRE is a content marketing software that uses clean-engage-growth strategies to generate and guarantee rapid and steady growth on social media. It is a very effective and efficient social media tool that does a lot of work for you.

It works for you according to your needs and what you want to achieve making it a very flexible and interactive App or tool. As a business, it will help you reach your goal and gain the market share you so much desire.

Personal experience with CROWDFIRE:

As a young Nigeria Blogger, I need electricity to help me share constantly and at the right time to enable me generate relevant and engaging traffic to my site.

I discovered that the time I share my blogpost, my top blog readers are asleep due to time zones. I share my blog post from Nigeria between 12pm-5pm. But my top blog readers are from U.S, United Arab Emirate, Canada, U.K and other countries whose time zone has a huge difference with Nigeria.

I struggled with keeping up late at night cause it makes me sick. But these are my top readers. I also do have a lot of readership from Nigeria. Every one who reads from my blog is important to me and I need to reach out to each of them. I have no money to employ workers to help me manage my content sharing when am asleep, busy or tired. This is where the research started from. I tried several tools until I came across CROWDFIRE and the search ended.

I also discovered that most time I shared my blog post at odd hours and they don’t get to the right audience. Its either I had shared my blog post when my audience are busy working or fast asleep.

Upon downloading the CROWDFIRE app for the first time. I was somewhat skeptical about the tool as previous tools have failed. I never knew how to use the APP. But amazingly, the APP was easy to use as ABC.

I started by connecting all my Social Media accounts and gave CROWDFIRE access to manage my accounts and linked my blog through feeds to CROWDFIRE. Then immediately, I started scheduling my post with CROWDFIRE using the share at best time feature. The same thing I did for each of my post. Most of you reading this post are brought here with the aid of CROWDFIRE. Fact!

Previously, I use other sites to shorten my URL and post contents on twitter. But CROWDFIRE made it easier and faster. They share my content on twitter and shorten the URL for me and direct my readers appropriately to my blog post, that’s super sonic.

What results did I get ?

I got and am still getting more engaging readers and more feedbacks. My contents were liked, retweeted, reshared and comments were rolling in. Honestly, this is the best app ever for me. It works so well to meet my ever growing social media needs and does virtually all the hard stuffs with my highly limited resources and for less effort. My audience has grown with old readers bouncing back.

If you have ever been to Nigeria or better still, every Nigeria will agree with me that electricity is one of the major problem of my country and internet subscription is so costly. I find it very difficult to interact with my audience and get them updated.

CROWDFIRE also helped me resolve that problem. Even when I am on the road or busy, in meetings etc and when my systems are down (off) because there is no electrical power to charge my gadgets. CROWDFIRE helps me share my contents given the economic challenges. CROWDFIRE helps me keep my audience alive and updated, CROWDFIRE helps me stay in touch with them even when I am offline.

Honestly the App is safe to use with no risk attached.

This is not a propaganda, it is me sharing with you what will benefit you. Its called sharing is caring. Go now to crowdfire and download the app. Reply with a honest comment on your findings. Thanks for reading. Stay In touch.

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