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10 Ways to increase YouTube Views

YouTube is a very powerful business tool for brand building and sales boosting.

Developing a YouTube strategy is a great way of building a strong brand for your business. Through this article you will learn how to use YouTube to create more compelling video content, get more views and increase sales.

Do you know that over One Billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily?

**That’s more than Netflix and Facebook put together.

If you want to boost your sales or revenue, then you have to increase your views per video on YouTube. Please relax and read below without haste, 10 ways that can help you increase your views;

1. Solicit Subscribers:

The best way to get more organic/active subscribers is to ask your current/existing viewers to subscribe to your channel because gaining more subscribers will increase your views per video.

Here the principle of network marketing will help you understand. Which can be illustrated as follows;  talk to 10 people you get ONE  for each 10 persons you asked to subscribe. Now let’s say you have 5000 unique views for a video and you asked each unique viewer to subscribe, you most likely will get 500 new subscribers and let’s say you have 20 videos with a total sum of 100,000 unique viewers. And you asked each one to subscribe, you would have most likely gotten 10,000 subscribers. Now the next video you uploads will most certain rank above 5000 views cause your subscribers have increased.

Fact: The YouTube channel with the highest active subscribers will most likely have the highest views ceteris paribus.

The best way to get subscribers is to solicit for it, ask your viewers to click the Subscription button at the beginning and end of each video.

2. Use YouTube Notification Bell:

You don’t just tell viewers to subscribe to your channel alone. You also prompt them to turn on the YouTube Channel Notification Bell. Once a viewer subscribes and turns on the notification bell, they get notified each time you upload a new video. Let’s say you have 15,000 subscribers and only 1000 hits the notification bell; each time you upload a new video, only 1000 of your 15,000 subscribers gets notified, and only 1000 or less may likely respond, for that reason you would need all 15,000 to hit the notification bell to get the best result off your subscribers. **That’s what, I call efficiency.**

3. Use Water Mark:

Adding Water Mark to your videos can help you promote your channel and build your brand across all your videos. One awesome thing about Water Mark is that when viewers hovers the mouse cursor over the Water Mark, it will prompt them to subscribe to your channel.

Water Mark also protects your work from illegal use and piracy. To add water mark to your videos (I said videos because, you don’t get to select which video should hold the water mark and which video should not, once you have uploaded a water mark. It will appear automatically in all your videos and once you remove it, it leaves all your videos.) go to Creator Studio, click Branding then click “Add Water Mark” and upload your image.

4. Use Catchy Video Title:

YouTube is made up of millions of Brands competing for attention, its like in a World, full of noise. How do you get people to watch your video amongst other competing videos?

It takes more than having a great video. The Title of your video is an essential part. You should begin every video creation with the title in mind. Ask yourself, Will this title make me want to view it!?

But Beware….

YouTube will penalize you for misleading Video title. Both title and content must correspond. YouTube is a search engine, which means you must up your SEO game in picking a Title for your video, so it gets visible to new and existing viewers.

5. Create and Use Catchy thumbnail Image:
To compliment your video title and help you create more curiosity from prospective viewers, effective Thumbnail Image will get you covered. You should create a catchy thumbnail image that will compliment your video title and also reflect the content of your video.

A Thumbnail is a video preview image. This image is very vital to getting more views and increased revenue.

Create and Upload your own custom thumbnail image, don’t use the auto-generated thumbnail images.

YouTube reported that, about 90% of top performing videos actually created and used their custom thumbnail images.

YouTube also said that, “Thumbnails requires an art directors eye for branding and shouldn’t be an afterthought. “ that is to say, you should think about your thumbnail before you start filming, so you can capture the necessary footage to create that catchy thumbnail image.

Qualities of a good thumbnail: 

• Must be catchy
• Must be compelling
• Must be congruent with your brand
• Must accurately represent video content
Other characterized features includes:
• Close-up of faces
• Text overlays
• Brightly coloured background
• A small logo or water mark for brand identification, development and promotion.

We recommend the following technical features in creating your thumbnails:
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• 1280×720 resolution
• Less than 2MB file size
• .JPG,.GIF,.BMP or .PNG file format.

6. Optimize Your Channel:

This will help you strengthen your Brand and get more views. To optimize your channel. You have to ensure that your YouTube branding is consistent with your website and other social media channels by using the same logo, image and colours. Your profile picture should be 800×800 pixels and your banner should be at least 2560×1440 pixels. You can use the YouTube Creators Academy.

You should also think critically about what you write in YouTube channel Description and add your social channels, links to your website and a way to get contacted, this will make it easy for viewers to find out more about your brand.

7. Build a Community: 

To get more views on your YouTube channel, you have to build a community around your YouTube channel. It is not just enough to share to your community. You have to engage your viewers, subscribers and relate positively with them. Take a few minute to reply to the comments of your viewers and interact genuinely with them. If you relate fairly and sincerely, subscribers will notice and it will be a lot easier to build your brand and establish it among individuals with whom you are familiar.

8. Create a Playlist:

The essence of creating a playlist is to keep your viewers watching and still watching…. Playlist works so well because of the Auto Play function and psychologically, it takes twice the effort to pull your attention away from videos you are enjoying when they just keep playing ceaselessly.

To create a YouTube playlist; goto each video you would like to add and click the “+” icon under the video, then create a new playlist or add it to existing playlist.

9. Use Auto Play:

This is a function associated with creating a playlist. Auto Play uses ‘Loss Aversion’ to get you more views. To simply explain loss of aversion, I will use this illustration;

Loss of Aversion suggests that people will most likely keep watching a video that is currently playing than looking for another video with the same content.

10. Use Social Media:
Use your social media accounts to share and positively relate with both existing and prospective viewers. Try also to get feedbacks on how your videos are doing by using the Analytics to check reply and users interaction with your channel.

This will help you improve and produce better videos.

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