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How To Hire The Right Person?

Every business owner hope to get good, reliable, and qualified workers that would handle their business properly. With so few job availability and so many job seekers, it becomes a difficult task to scan through applications and resumes, and interview numerous candidates just so you can select a person to recruit into your team. Many entrepreneurs have had their share of bad workers, so they become careful not to hire the wrong person for the job.

This article is going to highlight the steps to take to ensure you hire the right person. Once you issue out a job posting and start getting response from interested people, be sure to follow these steps to ensure you don’t hire the wrong person after interviewing. They includes-

  1. Don’t be focused on the resume alone- most interviewers are solely focused on the applicant’s resume that they fail to focus on other important information. Don’t get it twisted, a properly written resume is good and it outlines important experiences of the applicants as well as qualifications. However, it is not the decisive factor that the candidate is right for that job. A person might be qualified by his or her credentials, but might not still be the right person for the job. Therefore, if you want to hire the right person for a job, look beyond his or her resume. Don’t focus on it and assume it’s enough proof that the person is right for the job.
  2. Measure the candidate’s passion for the job- passion for job largely determines how One would perform if engaged in that field, would determine how effective or not he or she would be, and the overall business performance because of that passionate worker’s engagement. Therefore, in order to hire the right person for a job, measure the applicant’s enthusiasm and passion for the job. If the person does not show passion for the job, then that person is not right for the job.
  3. Pay attention to the questions they ask you, and ask them open minded questions- while interviewing the candidates, pay attention to the questions they ask you. You can discover the right person for the job by the proper question they will ask throughout the interview process, and their questions would show their preparedness for the job. Also, ask them open minded questions. Don’t do all the talking, instead ask them questions that would make them give you full response, and properly express themselves. Ask about the person’s accomplishments. Present a typical example of the work problem and ask the person how he or she will go about it. Find out the kind of working environment the person can work better in. Asking these sort of questions, listening to their responses, and considering the kind of questions they ask you, would help you determine the kind of worker that person is, and if he or she is right for the job.
  4. Learn about their weaknesses- most employers and interviewers are mostly concerned about the applicant’s strengths and how it can benefit the business or company. They focus solely on the strengths that they fail to find out the applicants weaknesses. In order to ascertain if a person is right for a job, you need to know both their strengths and weaknesses. As you ask them what they are good at, also ask them what they are not good at. Find out the skills they are lacking for the job, and their plan to develop or improve those skills. Their response would help you know and determine if they are capable for the job post and if they can fit into the position you are hiring for.
  5. Get your team members involved- involving your team members in the interviewing and scanning process would help you discover if the candidate can work with your team, cope with your work ethics, and thrive in the working environment, and this in turn would help you determine if that person is right for the job. Involve your team members and let them interview the candidates in their own little way. Also, ask them to refer people they feel would be suitable for the job. If your team members are right for the jobs they do, they will be able to refer people with strong personalities that would also be fit for the job.
  6. Consider the applicant’s character- a person’s character has a large influence on the person’s work ethics and performance. Despite whatever may be the person’s qualifications, if he or she possesses a bad or poor character, then they are not good for business, and not right for the job. When choosing applicants to recruit, be sure to assess their character. Determine if you are comfortable with it, if you would want your employee to display such character before your clients, and if it is a positive or negative character (which would largely affect your business productivity for better or worse).
  7. Be clear about what you expect from them- clearly state your expectations of them. Tell them the results you want and how you want things to be done there; then they can consider if they would be able to meet up with your demands, and you will be able to determine if they are right for the job or not.
  8. Trust and follow your instincts- you know what you want for your business more than anyone else, and you know the type of employee you want for specific jobs, therefore you are the final piece that ensures you hire the right person for the job. After all is said and done, trust your instincts and follow them. Don’t hastily employ workers just to fill up the space, when you are not confident of what the outcome would be. Ensure you take your time, then trust and follow your instincts in order to hire the right candidate.

In Summary

Many employers worry about hiring the wrong person for a job, but by following these steps, you can avoid making that mistake. They are-

  • Don’t be focused on the resume alone
  • Measure the candidate’s passion for the job
  • Pay attention to the questions they ask you, and ask them open minded questions
  • Learn about their weaknesses and not just their strengths.
  • Get your team members involved
  • Consider the applicant’s character
  • Be clear about what you expect from them
  • Trust and follow your instincts

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