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Crumbling? Revival is at the Hem. Grab it!

You see your business failing. You are anxious to see it brought back to life and booming, you’ve tried all you could to get it moving, yet nothing is happening. You are becoming agitated as competitors drown out the “VOICE” you’ve made over the years. They are new to the business but yet they seem to be drowning out your years of experience. Virtually all your customers have been lost to these new competitors. You are becoming frustrated as your product and services begins to diminish and your services are no longer required. This doesn’t have to be you; nor your business. You are now willing to sink into despair and allow your efforts, diligence, time and money which you’ve pumped into your business go to waste.

Below is a Story of VitaMart.

VitaMart offers products and home delivery services. Customers were bombarding the place especially as they offer value added services like subscription services within the mart. You could shop and still pay bills for your internet subscription, Tel. subs, and electricity bills e.t.c. This is what attracts most customers as they can shop and get other things done, instead of running Helter Skelter… So many retention skills were applied to get the customers faithful and bring in more. So it was no surprise the mart was doing excellent till one day;

The number of people who require VITAMART services declined, sales reduced and business was beginning to get wobbly.

Mr. Pete who was a well know consumer of Vitamart services, one day walked into the mart and noticed the great decline in the number of shoppers. As he approached the cashier to pay his bills, he asked, the cashier; why the decline in shoppers. The cashier replied – “This decline is as a result of the new mart that has opened business within the vicinity”.

Mr. Pete was a Marketer, He Studied marketing management which enabled him to know about business revival strategies. He then told the young cashier; “can I speak with the Manager”. The cashier replied; “let me get Him”.

Mr. Pete was invited to the manager’s office and told him about the conversation that ensued between him and the cashier. He told Mr. James (the manager), that he had a proposal, that he trust would bring back the customers and retain them irrespective of what happens, his ideas were only to be popped if the manager agrees to consent to Mr. Pete being employed within the mart and given a commission on sales profit made off consumers brought through his scheme. Mr. Pete was invited to present His proposal.

Mr. Pete proposed;

1.   “I realize that your customers use hand cart to shop, but we will introduce trolleys, that could accommodate kids as most shoppers are women and they bring along their kids to shop. This would help keep the children comfortably close to them and allowing easy movement while they shop with ease.”

2.   A Play Ground can also be provided where children are dropped-off by parents as they enter to shop and seek other services. Parents won`t be charged for the added services.

The Board bought Mr. Pete`s ideas and BAM!!! Life started Booming at VITAMART.

Insights from the story:

  • If you don`t have a job, don`t walk around and allow your skills go to waste and decay. Always look for opportunities to present your services. That got Mr. Pete a job.
  •  If your Business is wobbling. Talk to people who are skilled in helping you grow it; Marketers, Business Administrators e.t.c
  • Never take lightly any suggestion, no matter how simple and ordinary it may sound, don’t let it pass you by; it may be the revival scheme to get your Business back on track.
  • Be willing to try new ideas, if one doesn`t work; Discard it! Business World is very dynamic and constantly changing. Pick-Up another!

Variation is the Spice of life. Don’t be stuck at doing things the same way all the time: There is no one best way; Beauty and Success lies in trying out new things and sticking to successful strategies.

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