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First Post: Why I started Hussletips

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, but never knew how to go about doing it. I was always intimidated by the idea of writing something down and publishing it for everyone to read. But then I decided to take the plunge and just do it! And now here we are. I’m so happy to have this outlet where I can share informative, educative and inspiring tips without having to feel intimidated. So if you’re interested in reading some of my thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc., then stick around 🙂

As a young champ, I have always thought of internet business as a medium of making money and sustaining ones family while being your boss and you also get to spend a lot of time with your family.

My Family – My Wife Inspired HussleTips

During my quest to meet my goals, I ran into a lot of scammers and fake services with the get rich quick internet syndrome. I soon realized that, It doesn`t work that way. 

I came across blogging in 2007 and was denied several time from accessing the Adsense scheme. So I blogged for fun. But later got very lazy, So I decided to run a Magazine company. I got a name for the Magazine (Binoculars Magazine), as a young undergraduate, I went in search for sponsors but no one wants to sponsor or even advertize in a “To-Be-Introduced-into-the-Market” brand. So I got an idea to lunch a .blogspot site for the magazine.

So I opened a blog for Binoculars but the  sub-domain and domain was not available so, I scrabble through getting upset and discouraged. But i decided to just get a domain that is so different from the name of the magazine (

I blogged, designed the templates, posted all contents and also publicized the contents via different media agenda, groups and communities.

But one major thing I never considered was that most of the content found in the blogsite didn`t reflect the vision and goals of Binoculars magazine and the contents were copied from other sites without adequate references. I didn’t think of the implication of this because I was making money, little did I know, that I have no unique selling proposition, I made money from the blog via PPC but there was no life in the blog as visitors left no footprint behind after each visits.

Here am I with HUSSLETIPS, am not a professional web administrator, blogger, writer or designer, but I hope to serve you the best I can and read your comments as they inspire improvement and service modification. The struggle continues….No giving up!!!

In consequences of the errors highlighted, here are some Business inspired tips:

1. Stick to the Goal and Vision of your brand

2. Brand name and domain name must relate closely for customers retention and easy word of mouth  marketing

3. Never copy and paste other people’s work without referencing them, cause its not smart. You are only cheating  yourself

4. Never think you need sponsorship or large capital to get your business ideas rolling…Start Small

5. Plan effective and make do with what you have and grow your ideas

Why I Started Hussletips?

I started Hussletips to create content sharing services to help people improve their lives through business, leadership, digital marketing, self-care and wellness. I believe in being kind to ourselves and bettering our communities through good information that educates and inspires.

Thanks for reading and hope to have more interactive platform with you on HussleTips. Please do leave a comment, your comment will significantly shape the quality of information we share through this outlet.

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