On a serene and sodden, Saturday afternoon, I laid on my couch thinking about nothing in particular and everything in general when I received the email below.

For me, writing is everything and in everything. Being able to relay a message through a written story has got to be my most beautiful gift. It really is something I’m quite passionate about.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend after we heard of the death of a young man through suicide. I was pissed that he allowed frustration blind him to reason. Emphatically, I told my friend, “I desire a platform through which I can talk with a large number of youths, make them believe EVERYONE is worth more than gold, and for people this precious, killings must be abhorred” Chichi’s reply was simple, “You write well. Write about your heartfelt desires”.

So you can imagine my excitement at being appointed an ambassador of the Spanish language by the Cesar Serrano Foundation and The Museum of Word. At this point, I must express my utmost gratitude to the esteemed foundation and Museum for this profound opportunity. I totally support the foundation’s vision: Using the Word as a Tool Against Violence.

I hope my story and those of other participants reach the ends of the earth and the message we so earnestly desire to communicate is well received.

We will have a beautiful future,
We will stop wars,
We will eliminate negativity, tribalism, nepotism, corruption and all other vices BUT together,
We must drop our weapons and use the word,
Stop the violence and reach for peace,
Resist hatred and think unity, love.

On a final note, the world will be a better place only when everyone is considered human enough to be respected and loved.

Stay Positive!

About the Author:

Kehinde Anita  recently completed her MSc program in the University of Lagos. She lives in Lagos with her parents and siblings.

She is the publisher of “Why Won’t She Have Sex?” A fascinating novel on friendship, family and a longing for a higher cause. It reveals the problem faced in dysfunctional families and the need for sexual purity.

She is also a named author in Nightmare Massacre, A Collection of Disturbing Horror Stories”

She writes inspiring stories on her personal blog,


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