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Time: One of Business most abused resource

Time comes to all businesses in consistent and most adequate supply. But we often times hear people say; “I don’t have time.” “There isn’t enough time.” “Time was not on our side.”
Time and tide the adage says; wait for no man. Invariably Time and tide waits for no Business. Hence experts have consistently spoken on time management.
I see management as effective and efficient utilisation of available resources. Time is one of those resource. Some organisations have reached a ripe old age only to discover that they have only reached but nowhere of their full potentials and capacity. A lot of effort has been put in labour, resources has been channel but time has been misused.


Each and every single second that is abused would pile up to become years wasted or idled away. Time can also be abuse when businesses and employees do what they term the right thing at the wrong time. So it makes more right things to be done, at the wrong time and right things done at the wrong time, is wrong because it would not yield the most efficient results.
Organisations should be careful when drawing schedules for the year and planning business calendars and sub activities and ensure that the time is appropriate for the job or task and efficient enough.
While employees work tirelessly on projects, Businesses should also bear in mind that appropriate resting times are not idle times and can help us achieve greater results. As we make the most out of time, our Business would flourish and we would achieve what is termed to be the Zenith.
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