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9 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

This subject matter is a delicate one and employers need to be forearmed with this knowledge. Employees quitting their jobs in a work place does not speak very well of that organization or manager in charge, and it would definitely affect the performance of the organization because of changed workers and different modes of operations; all these are the reasons why employers needs to have an understanding of the reasons why employees quit their jobs, and then organize their organizations and put the appropriate things in place to ensure that their organizations does not experience this major turn down. Below are 9 listed reasons why employees quit their jobs:-

  1. Work overload- it is important to note that your employees are human beings with a body of flesh, bones, and blood, and as such, they are subject to pain, fatigue, stress, and other effects of work overload. Also, it is important to note that no one would be happy exerting all his or her energy into work and it’s still not enough because the list of things to do are just too much, or the magnitude of the job is just too large. When employees find themselves in this situation, they find the work tiring, extremely stressful, and the thought that would frequently come to their mind is to quit the job and get a better one. Therefore, work overload is one of the reasons why employees quit their jobs.
  2. Bad manager- yes, no one likes to tolerate the excesses of a bad manager. A bad manager is one who is unappreciative, unhelpful, a complainer, always expressing displeasure, and one who possesses other bad and negative attitudes. Most employees value their self esteem and worth, hence they find it difficult to work with a manager that constantly looks down on them and belittle them. So, you can be the reason why your employees want to quit because your attitude portrays you as a bad person and they would rather work for a manager that possesses positive characters and appreciates their efforts.
  3. No promotion- imagine a person that has been working in an establishment for a lengthy duration, probably for some years, but has remained in the same position with no promotion or advancement and no increment of salary or wages; such person would not be considered bad to seek for greener pastures. This is a compelling reason for a person to quit his or her job and seek for a better one, because the person has worked diligently for years, but has nothing to show for the number of years he or she has worked there.
  4. The feeling of being underappreciated- all employees wants to feel needed, valued, and important. Those feelings boost their morale and motivates them to work better and more effectively. A simple smile of approval, handshake to congratulate their efforts, encouraging comments in how well their doing, small acts that shows appreciation of employees work can go a long way to encourage them. On the order hand, an employee may feel unappreciated, less important or invaluable to the organization because nothing has been done by the manager to prove otherwise. When an employee starts having these feelings, he or she would no longer feel comfortable in the work environment and would rather quit the job than remain where they are not valued.
  5. Small paycheck and no incentives- this is another factor that can make employees quit their jobs. After working long hours throughout a month, just to receive a small paycheck and no incentives, it can be so discouraging and depressing in most cases. At the end of a long month, they would receive a small paycheck that is not even sufficient to provide for their needs. It is undisputed that employees that find themselves in this condition would rather quit and get a better job, than to keep working so hard and diligently but not able to provide for your needs because of the small paycheck you receive.
  6. Uncomfortable working environment and condition- employees that are not comfortable with their work environment and the conditions surrounding it would be eager to quit the job sooner or later. All employees would rather work in an environment that they feel comfortable and would be more convenient with working conditions that are favourable and appropriate for them.
  7. Ineffective communication- lack of effective communication between employers and employees can create a gap, void, and pressure between the both parties. Employees would not be comfortable in an organization where they cannot speak and be heard, where they can’t communicate their needs, feelings, and receive feedbacks from their employers. This ineffective communication can make them feel unhappy, unproductive, and unvalued, and thus would lead them to consider quitting the job to get a better one.
  8. Inability to adapt to the organization’s system- have you noticed that some employees find it difficult to fit into your organization? They try to do what others are doing and try to blend in, but they just can’t adapt to your organization’s system. This may not feel like a big deal to you, but to that employee, it is a major concern that would affect everything about that employee in the workplace; ranging from productivity, teamwork, comfort, organization, and lots more. This inability often makes such employees to feel they don’t belong there and would quit the job.
  9. Business setbacks- this is another major reason that can prompt employees to quit their jobs; when the business or organization is facing some setbacks and is no longer productive like the way it was before. Employees would want to safeguard themselves and seek for a stable organization before they crash with their present workplace.

We have discussed 9 reasons amongst others why employees quit their jobs. Employers, you are now ready to move forward, now forearmed with this knowledge, you can go ahead to safeguard your business and avoid loosing your employees. I hope you make good use of this knowledge. Thanks for reading!

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