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11 Irritating Attributes of a Gruesome Leader

The worst type of leader doesn’t understand how important company culture is to company profits. If you maltreat your employees, and make them sad, they won’t work hard for you and your business would be very unsuccessful.

The purpose of this article is to help you identify those irritating attributes and ensure you don’t possess them as a leader whose goal is to succeed.

#1 Fear:
They lead by fear and think that it is an effective way to manage.

#2 Favouritism: 
They demoralise the rest of the team by playing favouritism.

#3 Stubborn:
They think they are always right no matter what.

#4 Angry:
They walk around the office angry all the time which spreads negativity amongst team members.

#5 No vision:
Lack of vision will take you nowhere. Horrible leaders have no clear vision.

#6 Micromanage:
They micromanage every little task ruining their employees personal growth.

#7 Arrogance:
This is their ugliest personality. They always go around bragging.

#8 Indecisive:
Horrible leaders are unable to make decisions quickly.

#9 Blame:
The worst leaders take all the credit and blame other employees for mistakes.

#10 Emotion:
They make decision based on emotion instead of facts.

#11 Control:
They need control over everything and have a problem giving that control up.


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