How to Start a Film Company?

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Do you want to start a film company? then, this is for you. Hope you find the ideas inspiring.

To start, you have to get a name for your business, research and ensure that no one has the intended name; if someone has gotten it, then, you have to change it. Once the name is gotten, do register the name before someone else gets it. As this will give your company a legal protection. Today, the procedure is not so intense, as in previous times.

One of the major step is to set up your key personnel; The Head of Production, The Marketing Manager, The Script Manager, The Chief Editor, Human Resource Manager and Legal Adviser. Film making has never been easier nor cheaper and distribution can be so difficult and tasking.

The solution to the highlighted problem is to create for your company a Youtube Channel and grow your subscribers through digital marketing platforms. Register your social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr etc. and start growing your audience. The name of all your accounts must be the same, for easy brand identity.

Create a legal Identity for your company, that is, give it an entertaining name, then, register the name. If you don`t have money to shoulder the start-up cost for your company; start raising money for the company, then create a business plan and well outline strategies for your film company and get a filmmaking team, the major personnel highlighted previously will help you accomplish most of your goals, therefore, must be skilled and have a passion for the business, as this will drive them into giving their best. Separate the business account from your personal account as this is the major problem most companies face; therefore, get a bank account for your film company.

Get a website; with revolutionized web design platforms and interface, designing and getting a website requires little or no skill, it’s not complicated as against the traditional method of site creation; you can use WordPress, Wix, Godaddy, blogger e.t.c.; as part of getting a website, you should get a name, you can search web names on

It is very risky to embark on a film business without a well spelt out distribution strategy. You must also seek for ways to get a copy write protection for your work, because of infringers and pirates especially. With digital advancement distributing and producing quality films with quality graphics, sound and animation is enhanced and made easier and cheaper too.

Brain storm, as this will flood your mind with more ideas. Thanks for reading.


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