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Where Can I Find Professionally Designed Knitted Wears?

Knit wears can play an important role in covering your body and can serve as over layer on clothes. It can give you and your family warmth and comfort in time of cold. There are also light knit wears that you can wear and feel very comfortable during hot season.

Knitted Wears are made from wools and threads that are comforting to the skin and can be styled to suit you needs at any season or circumstance. They are very affordable and long lasting.

Knitted outfits are wrinkle resistant, stylish, durable and have low maintenance cost. Tips: You can easily wash them in a washing machine by putting them in a mesh bag and wash them with gentle cycle in cold water and then lay flat to dry.

People always thought that comfort and confidence had to be sacrificed in order to look beautiful and decent.

C.C.K knitted wears is a Registered Company under the Nigeria constitution and your #1 choice for custom knitwear made in Nigeria with professional quality and custom styles made to fit your taste and description.

C.C.K manufactures knitwear for Individuals, Families, Schools, Companies, Political Parties, Babies, etc. C.C.K will stock you with the designs, quality that you need at affordable prices. The Manufacturer’s wears are well styled and patterned to taste and desires, giving you that dream look!

The CEO of C.C.K knitted wears have work with wools, pin, machines, threads and fabric all her life as a designer. She loves what she does and she is very creative and inspired when people are delighted with the quality delivered to them.

C.C.K wears ranges from traditional sweaters to dresses, pants, skirts, Jackets, caps, wrappers, scarfs, sponges, ties, bags, purses, pullovers, hair nets of all sizes and style for Babies, youths, and adults. They can also make custom designs for your pets. Plus chairs and table coverings.

For your fashion and designing of cute knit wears. Contact C.C.K cute knit wears on +2348106877232 or WhatsApp @+2348162520530 Instagram:@fabulous_knit

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