Proven ways to Sell your products faster On Social Media!

Do you have products or services you want to sell But can`t get to reach the right audience? Do you want to increase your sale? And reach wider customer and have new people walk through your door; here are tips that could help you achieve that;

Build Your Social Media Presence: 

First, identify your Audience, Set worthwhile and achievable Goals and Objectives. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Be Human by Building more interactive and productive Relationships.

Offer help Instead of Selling. Optimise Your Social Media Accounts by using quality photos, videos and well edited reviews. Offer just one product or one set of related products, you can really focus on one key set of benefits and answer all the possible questions and doubts your customers might have about your product.

Overhaul Your Social Media Account: 

In the first few paragraphs that appear on your facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. pages, you need to go into simplified details about the problem you highlighted in your headline, then, give a short but powerful description to your audience. Only when your audience feels you understand their problems will they feel confident that you can solve them. This will make your page more interactive and build confidence on your brand. Introducing your product or service as the solution to problem.

By emphasizing exactly how your product or service will meet needs, you’re guaranteed to see a boost in sales.

Enhance your credibility: 

This is achieved by summarizing your credentials, experience and any background information that makes you qualified to solve your target audience’s problem. You should be able to efficiently and effectively convince and persuade customers that you are the best person to offer them a product solution that will satisfy their needs.

Use these Pronouns: 

Too often, socialites focus on themselves than on their fans, they neglect this simple golden rule, that, the customer is the king. Look carefully at your sales post, you often use pronouns like “I,” “me” and “we”, replace them with “you” and “your.”

Increase Your Fan Base: 

The higher your fans the higher your product reach. But ensure that you don`t focus on the number alone, the numbers are people and must be relevant to demographics and intended target audience for your product. You do this by solving a real problem, being remarkable, driving relevant traffic (free and paid adverts), boosting post comments, shares and engagements, using groups, referral programs and so on. This is the cost incurring aspect of increasing social media sales.

Use Promotional Offers: 

In order to overcome objections relating to people who don’t know your product, you can offer pay on delivery, free trials, and a money back guarantee after a certain period of time. Social media buyers need a sense of security, especially; new customers, so they know their money isn’t just going to disappear.

It’s very important that your post induces a sense of urgency in your prospective buyers. You can offer a limited quantity, limited-time price discount which fans must buy before a certain date in order to qualify for the discount, additional bonuses for free, if fans buy within a certain time frame, quantity discount, shipping discounts, free after sales service, target black Fridays and so on.

There are tons of other ideas. Keep researching and you will get better in your social media marketing skills. Thanks for reading!!!

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