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Nnenna’s Story: A Light in the Darkness #3

Chapter 3

Mummy cried as she listened to the narration of my ordeal at Uncle Chuks house. For the first time, she taught me somethings: never let a man touch your chest, legs or ass, infact, if any touch exceeds your palm, scream for your life.

A certain day, I came back from school and met my mother shivering. Quickly, I covered her with a wrapper then ran to the nearest chemist.
“Nnenna, what do you want?”
“I need drugs. My mum is sick.”
“Hmmm, give me N800.”
“Please, I dont have any money now but I promise to pay you soon.”
He laughed. “No money, no drugs.”
I pleaded but the chemist refused to budge. Exhausted, I went home to my mother whose condition was worse. I cried. Mum cried too.

Not knowing what else to do, I took a bowl to the market square and begged for money. It  was getting dark and I had gotten only N200. I went home, prepared pap and fed to mom.

The next morning, I remembered that Mrs. Mama still owed me N1500. Quickly, I went there.

Chinelo, Mrs. Mama’s daughter had not changed. Oh yes, she was more beautiful but her attitude was same. She made  mockery of my predicament. Mrs. Mama brought out N10,000. “Look at this money, I have lots more but I will not give you because you’re a thief and the supposed daughter of a thief and a poor witch.”
Chinelo added with a devious smile, “I know your story. The woman you call ‘mother’ picked you up in a bush or rather a waste bin. Your biological mother must have hated you to dispose of you like garbage.”

Dejected, I walked away with drooped shoulders. I entered an empty church, went on my knees and prayed to my mother’s God, Jehovah Jireh.

Surprisingly, I got home to meet mum in the kitchen cooking and she looked fine. I  had never been more happy. Mom laughed as we hugged. “oh my baby, you must have been scared.”
Sobbing, I nodded, “I thought you were going to die.”
“Well, I’m not. Not now anyway and its all thanks to God.”
God! I remembered praying to him. I smiled and sent a silent thanks to him.

As we ate, I  looked up at mom and asked, “Is it true that you picked me up from the bush?”

Mum’s spoon fell from her hands, making a clattering sound as it hit the plate. She coughed incessantly. I gave her water while anxiously waiting for a reply.

Mum was silent. I didn’t get a reply that day.

To be continued…

By Kehinde Anita

Instagram: @mhizkenann

Kehinde Anita is the author of a christian romance novel, “Why Won’t She Have Sex?” Its available on okadabooks app for N700 only.

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