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Identified Traits Super Achievers have in Common
As part of the research towards my PHD, I have been studying a number of super achievers from all around the world. The objective of my research was to try to identify all the traits, these super achievers had in common. There were a number of traits I identified, but the ones I felt were the most pertinent, were the following, a crystal clear vision, absolute belief in themselves and their ability to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision, they also were clear about why achieving their vision is important, every one of them was completely committed to on-going learning and growth and they all have a remarkable work ethic.

Start to Keep a Journal

Another characteristic or habit that a number of the top performers I have studied had in common, namely to keep a journal. Just over 50 % of the super achievers kept a journal. Although they were not part of my research, the most well-known journal keepers are Jim Rohn, Daren Hardy, Dr. John de Martini, to name but a few.

Jim Rohn was known to not only write down and record everything he did and learned every day, but he also took photo graphs of everything as his life unfolded. What an incredible legacy and incredible resource his journals must be for the world now that he has moved onto another level of energy. Dr John de Martini keeps a massive printed document of around 750 pages, which he carries with him everywhere. He refers to his journal as his master plan for life. He updates this document every day on his computer and prints it our every few months, so that he has a new copy with him at all times.

Yes it does take work

Keeping a journal does take work, but if you are really committed to creating an incredible future for yourself and your family, then I believe that it is well worth the effort it takes. When you keep great records in your journal, you don’t need to trust your memory; you can simply record everything, so that it is all available for use in the future. The mere fact that you, invest the time to write it down, means that it will be stored away in two places, namely your journal and in a more organised fashion in your mind too. Writing in your journal everyday allows you to organised your thoughts daily and to sort them out for use later.

The fact that you learn a new habit of recording all the important things, which happened in your day in a journal every evening, will form a huge part of your learning process and the resultant notes will become a valuable part of your library. Your journal shows your commitment to life, learning and helps you to cement new ideas in your head. It also means that you will leave a great legacy, a memory for others after you move on to the next level of life. You can continue to be of service to others, even when you are no longer around.

Start Taking Photographs

Start the habit of taking pictures and videos of important events. It takes seconds to capture an important event and yes it also takes only a moment to miss out on a really important event. The photos and videos, you keep in your journal are a valuable source of learning and will form an integral part of your library of knowledge, going forward.

Your Journals will over time Contain incredible Wisdom

Your journals are an incredible source of information, when they are updated daily. They are also a wonderful way to sort your daily experiences out in your mind too, as they serve as a record of all your accumulated ideas, growth and are a wonderful collection of great ideas and concepts. Keeping a journal, which you update daily, will take you to the next level, where you do not only show the world that you are very serious about your success, but you also get to show yourself, your determination and drive as well. Commit to keep a journal and show your real commitment towards your success. The moment you start to keep a journal about your dreams, plans, ideas,, growth and learning. You will have uncovered the catalyst, which you have been looking for, to help catapult you to the next level of achievement.


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