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Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Buying Smart Phones

Even if you have used a lot of phones, which I presumed you most probably have, that doesn’t make you immune to some of the most common phone buying problems.

Do you go “whoa, this phone is superb!” or “yeahh, this phone is a blast!”? Does the sight of a smart phone with lots of features, beautiful and stylish design make you have goose bumps?

We all can easily get fooled by a slickly stylish designed smart phone with lovely screen and high-end features, even if we don’t really need them.

These tips will help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you in buying what is needed today and in the future and not to buy smart phones that are beyond your budget and unnecessary.

To leave all potential regrets at the door, here are tips to help you:

Buying the cheapest Smart phone:

The cheapest smart phone is not always the best. There are lots of great cheap smart phones out there, but just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are going to do the job you want or have all the important features you need.

Many smart phone buyers are concerned about the price. It is clearly a wise thing to check for the most reasonable deal out of available options; but choosing the cheapest smart phone will certainly provide you with lesser features, capabilities and lower quality assurance.

For example, you use Instagram for your business and you require high quality photos and videos. If you have to choose between Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, Huawei P20 Pro and Galaxy S9 Plus.
As far as the complete package goes for the phone that can meet your Instagram needs;
Apple iPhone X should be your first choice – the photos looks great, the videos are amazing and the user interface is straight forward.

The Google Pixel 2 has photo power and ridiculously smooth video stabilization, this should be you second choice.

The Huawei P20 Pro that has 3x optical zoom and night mode should be your third choice.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus also have impressive photos especially in low light but disappoints when it comes to videos, this should be your fourth choice.

Apple iPhone X is sold for 339,999 naira, Google Pixel 2 is sold for 299,599 naira, Huawei P20 Pro is sold for 299,599 naira and the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is sold for 246,999.

Hence, you see from findings and above comparison that the cheapest smart phone is not always the best for your needs. So, instead of focusing on the lowest price, you should first decide on the reason for the smart phone then, cross check with the available options. Just like we did in the aforementioned illustration.

Buying the Best Smart Phone:

The best smart phone in the world might have all the best paying features you can imagine, but if you pay so much to acquire the best features or hardware you don’t need, you are just wasting your money. If a smart phone strains your budget, it has something you certainly don’t need which you are paying for. Paying for something you don’t need is not efficiency but excesses which eventually become waste like the manna story in the Bible- when you gather more than what is needed the extra gets rotten.

Buying only for today:

If you buy a smart phone base on its present minimum requirements then, the newer smart phone will most likely last only a few years. As your usage increases, you will demand more and the law of diminishing marginal utility will soonest than imagined over take you.

For example going for a Lenovo Z2 plus with 4gb RAM and a storage of 64gb internal memory with no expandable memory slot could be a very reasonable choice for now, but in the long run you will surely need more memory capacity than the existing memory and you will have to compromise even if you don’t want to.

Overlooking the Battery and other Compatibility:

Try to figure out the battery life of the smart phone choice especially if you are in a country with Electricity problem and also in times of exigencies. The phone charging options and speed. Some phone might have a lot of mouth watery features but charges very slow and have low battery strength/durability.

Check the available ports and required card space. Consider the ports you will actually need in your day to day usage and backup needs. If the required ports are lacking, then you need to cross mark you alternatives.

All that Glitters is not Gold:

This holds true when it comes to a smart phone display options. Most of us get carried away by the shiny, glossy, ultra reflective display. However buying a flashy phone is not such a good idea. Also, a lot of buyers get drawn out with display resolution. A smart phone with high resolution is not beneficial to everyone, however an intense gamer should surely consider the high resolution option.

Focusing only on One feature:

One of the biggest problem is focusing on one particular feature. For example;
You see a smart phone boasting to 50 mega pixel and you don’t notice anything else about the smart phone. You just believe that this phone is the world best despite the fact that it has a bad battery life and an out dated processor which you are myopic to because you are focused on only one feature.

Not considering Size:

I have seen people carry a very big tablet that is almost as big as their head, their hands can barely hold the phone, they struggle to raise it to their ear to pick calls.

The smart phone is uncomfortable and difficult to carry because of the size. I seriously don’t envy them because  I have been there!

Remember, smart phones comes in varying sizes and shapes. You should determine the size implication before purchasing it. The sizes are written in inches.

Finally, buying a smart phone is a complex process as you can see from the above mistakes highlighted. So shop carefully and avoid these errors, by doing so, you will be able to find a Smart Phone that will suit your requirement perfectly!

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