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How to Build a Successful Business?

Relationship is key to business success and failure. The wrong kind of business relations brings failure while the right kind of business relations brings success. 

We often hear that to be in a good relationship there has to be a “give and take” within the partners. But I think sometimes the “give and take” mentality can get old quick because it has a tendency to be selfish. I give so I can take. Their giving becomes an indirect egotism.

To build a good relationship takes time and sincere efforts without hidden agendas, in fact hidden agenda is the bedrock of bad business relationship.

We live in a time where “personal happiness” is the ultimate good. It has triumphed over all other goods, business men and woman have become so selfish that they fail to appreciate their partners and customers with a goal of seeking their welfare.

There is nothing wrong about personal happiness. But when personal happiness becomes king at the expense of our partners and even customers, that is where the problem starts.

When “I” goes before “You”, it becomes “selfishness”.

The “You” business agenda” is often promoted through ads. We watch an happy woman, man and even smiling children. But in actuality we see sad people, the “I” business agenda in practice. Just more selfishness.

The vision of successful and happy business relationship can only happen when you forget yourself and sincerely reach out to your partners and customers. It is in caring for them first and Yourself last, by so doing you invest in relationship and not products.

There is no successful business without people. And real business deals will always remain with delighted partners and customers. Be a person for all. Then, true happiness, real joy will happen behind your back.

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Refurbished from: “In What Kind of a Relationship Are You In? Give and Take or Give and Give?”

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