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How to become an Uber or Bolt driver in Nigeria?

Do you live in Nigeria? Can you drive and would you like to earn money driving? Look no further! We’ll show you how to become an Uber or Bolt Driver so that you can convert driving skills into cash.

Uber and Bolt are two of the fastest growing transportation services in the world. They both offer ridesharing services where drivers share their cars with passengers who pay using mobile apps.

Nigeria has over 200 million inhabitants and is Africa’s largest economy. The country also boasts some of the world’s highest rates of poverty and unemployment. This means that many Nigerians struggle to earn enough money to feed themselves or their families.

This is why Uber and Bolt are booming in Nigeria. Both companies provide jobs for thousands of young people who would otherwise have no way of earning income.

People must move from one place to another; it is part of our daily life, and Uber and Bolt make this happen comfortably, and can help you earn money comfortably from driving.

Brief Summary About Uber

Uber Technologies Inc., popularly known as Uber provides a wide range of transportation services, ranging from vehicles for hire, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and so on. It is an international company with its headquarters in San Francisco, and operates in over 900 areas, Nigeria inclusive. Uber provides an opportunity everywhere to make the most of our time on the road on the platform with the largest network of active riders. The more you drive, the more money you can make. When demand is higher than normal, you can make even more. You’re the boss, set your schedule. You can drive with the Uber app day or night. Fit driving into your life.

Uber uses a dynamic pricing model; prices vary according to supply and demand at the time of service. However, customers are quoted the fare or delivery fee in advance.

Service is generally accessed via mobile app. Users set up a personal profile with a name, phone number, other information, and payment preference, which could be a credit card, e-commerce payment system or, in some cases, cash. After the service is complete, the customer may be given the option to provide a gratuity to the driver, which is also billed to the customer’s payment method.

The status of drivers as independent contractors is an unresolved issue. Drivers provide a vehicle, which could be owned, rented, or leased. Drivers must meet requirements.

How do I become an Uber driver in Nigeria?

  • Sign up online with your email and smart phone, and fill out information about yourself.
  • Upload your documents- some of the necessary documents includes a valid Nigerian drivers license, proof that you are 21 years or older, driver profile photo amongst others.
  • Get a vehicle that meets the vehicle requirements standards in Nigeria.

Your vehicle must-

  • be model year 2000 or newer.
  • be a 4-door car.
  • be in good working condition.
  • have a working radio.

Your paperwork

  • Vehicle inspection report.
  • Vehicle insurance.
  • Road worthiness certificate.
  • A valid Hackney permit.
  • Activate your account- if you have completed all the above steps, you are ready to activate your account and start making money.

Brief Summary About Bolt

Bolt was formerly known as Taxify. It is a transportation network company that was founded by Markus Villig, a 19 year old kid as at August 2013. Its headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia, and operates in over 150 cities, of which Nigeria is included.

 Bolt Driver Benefits

  • Earn money- drive with Bolt and earn extra income.
  • Drive anytime- work with your own schedule. No minimum hours and you are your own boss.
  • No monthly fees- no risk, you only pay when you earn. The company takes 15 percent of the fare, and the rest goes to the driver.
  • Works easily- you accept the request, pick up the client, drive to destination and get paid. Clients can pay in cash or via Bolt. If the payment is made via Bolt, Bolt will pay the money into your account every week.
  • Rent a vehicle- if you do not have a vehicle, Bolt can help you find fleet owners or rental companies that offer rented cars at affordable rates. Similarly, if you have more than one vehicle, you can register them as fleets, and get extra income when people hire it.
  • No gender preference- anyone can partner with Bolt regardless of your gender, be it male or female.

The most important thing you need before you may become a driver on Bolt is a car that is acceptable on the Bolt platform. Aside from having a car that qualifies for the Bolt platform, you need to have a number of years of driving experience and a valid driver’s license.

Accepted vehicles for Bolt-

  • Your vehicle is no older than 14 years
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

How do I become a Bolt driver in Nigeria?

  1. Sign up

To register, sign up at Bolt website at

If you have up to three or more cars, you can register them as a fleet at

2. Attend training

After registration and verification of your documents, check your email for the invitation for a driver training session.

3. Get your vehicle accredited

Visit the nearest Auto Genius facility to get your vehicle inspected. Find the list of Auto Genius facilities in Nigeria at

Purchase Driver Shield insurance package at

  4. Activation

Once your vehicle has been accredited, you are to visit a Bolt onboarding center for an onboarding session and profile activation.

You are to take the following documents along with you when visiting the onboarding center-

  • Valid Nigerian Drivers license
  • Valid Auto Genius vehicle inspection report
  • Vehicle License
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road worthiness

Bolt Nigeria charges drivers 15% on every trip completed on the Bolt platform.

Uber or Bolt?

The decision of which of the agencies to partner with is solely yours; both renders almost the same services and requires almost the same qualifications. It is left to you to analyze and compare both to discover which would work out best for you.

This is a golden opportunity to convert your driving skills to a means of getting income. If you love being on the go, this is actually a dream come true for you, to do what you love and earn money. Work is fun when you love what you do.

Start now to get all the required documents and get the required vehicle ready. For easy access to either Uber or Bolt, make sure you download the mobile app for easy and comfortable access to their site. Good luck!

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