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Get Funding for Your Project through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for your project. In fact, crowdfunding has become a common practice for startups and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Crowdfunding is the act of raising capital from a large number of individuals (crowd) rather than a single individual or institution (investor). The concept was pioneered by Y Combinator, a startup incubator founded by Paul Graham in 2005.

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for funding projects. It allows you to reach out to a larger audience and get feedback on your idea.

Helping individuals who are in need is the best thing that you can ever do in your existence. If you have the assets, then you should render assistance to someone who is hopeful and in need of help.

One way to do that, is through online donation websites, they are safe and secure method of helping the hopeful.

But if you do not have the money to take care of your special needs you can create a campaign by  applying to crowdfunding or crowdsourcing websites.

Crowdfunding will help you quickly solicit for fund and get the much needed help, this platform will allow you to drastically increase your donor base with less time, money and manpower compare to other fund sourcing methods.

For a successful fundraiser campaign you must;

Choose the Right Ground:-
Popular fundraising sites have millions of traffic with plenty of campaign projects at hand and pledges are very competitive. So when choosing a crowdfunding campaign, remember that high site traffic does not equate to successfully meet campaign goals. You should rather search the parameter for; Penalties for missing goal, Deadline or goal requirement, Expert advice, Payment complications, Easy to use interface, Hidden charges e.t.c.


Have you ever heard of GoFundMe and Kickstarter? They are two crowdfunding platforms that allow individuals or organizations to raise funds for their projects. Both sites are very similar and share some common features. In addition to raising money, they also provide a way for donors to interact with the project creators.

Crowdfunding is becoming more and more popular. According to statistics from GoFundMe, there are over $1.5 billion raised through these websites every year. The popularity of these websites has grown tremendously since their inception.

Both platforms offer many benefits. For example, they encourage people to get involved with a particular cause and help them reach their goals. Also, both crowdfunders receive donations directly from the donors, unlike other fundraising methods where funds are collected from the organization itself.

Used Genuine Name, Description, Pictures and Videos:-
Just be yourself, there is no need to pretend,  overstate, or misrepresent the fact, only the truth will help and sustain you throughout and after your campaign.

Reliable and Trustworthy:-
Remember that potential donors will review your campaign and decide if they should fund it or not. Donors are ready to fund your campaign but they want to know if you are reliable and trustworthy. Give detailed explanation of how you will be using the money donated.

Donors wants to see results, they find joy see that a campaign they contributed funds to have been achieved as proposed. If they see that a campaign lacks achievability, they will not donate.

Drive Traffic to your Campaign:-
Alot of campaign organizers think that placing their campaigns on sites with high traffic and then relax will help them meet their goals, research have shown that those who create campaigns and then share to their social media circle, email circle and through word of mouth to family and friends are more likely to get quicker and better result.

Benefits of Helping Others;

  • You will make life more meaningful
  • You will inspire others to do likewise
  • You will feel better
  • You will build equity
  • You will understand yourself better
  • You will have a clear vision
  • You will never lack

Closing remarks; the World is in desperate need of givers and volunteers more than ever. If you can’t volunteer, then Give! If you can’t afford to give, then Volunteer! If you can, then do both!

There is no shame in begging, after all we are all beggars, the world is made up of beggars and givers, one must lack for the other to give, so that both the beggar and the giver can feel better and appreciated.

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