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Do You Want To Gain The Respect Of Your Employees?

All entrepreneurs are entitled to respect from their employees. However, some entrepreneurs are not always respected by their employees and this is a major concern. Some reasons for this disrespect may be because the entrepreneur is younger than the employees, or some employees may be more educated or skilled than the employer, or even some employees may not just be willing to submit to the administration of their employers. Whatever may be the reason, it is inappropriate, and employers that finds themselves in this condition have to manage it properly and begin commanding the respect of their employees. This article is going to unfold to you 16 tips to practice in order to gain the respect of your employees.

  1. Respect is reciprocal, give respect- if you want to be respected, you have to give it yourself, because people would only respect you if you respect others too, but if you don’t, they would not see you fit for it.
  2. Value your employee’s work- every employee in one way or the other has a contribution he or she is making to your business or company, by the time you don’t value their work and behave like they have nothing to offer, they would not be happy with you and would eventually not respect you. Therefore, value your employee’s work if you want to gain their respect.
  3. Acknowledge your employee’s successes- as part of valuing your employee’s work, acknowledging their successes and outstanding contribution would also make them respect you.
  4. Be a good example- if you want to be respected, you have to earn it by your actions, words, and general conduct. Leave behind a good mark and example in all you do and everywhere you go, then you don’t have to bother so much about being respected, because it would come as a natural result of good conduct and example.
  5. Demonstrate work ethics- in addition to showing good examples in your conduct, you have to demonstrate work ethics too. If you set a rule in the workplace, you should also take part in obeying the rules. For example, if one of the company’s rule is that every worker should be corporately dressed always, then you have to be corporately dressed too. Or, if you don’t tolerate lateness from your employees, you should be punctual to work too. If you demonstrate work ethics that you expect your employees to do same, you would be respected by them. On the other hand, if you expect your employees to practice all work ethics and you have a hard time doing the same, how would your employees view you? They definitely would not respect you for that.
  6. Show strong leadership- for most people, they only respect and follow people that shows strong leadership, but if they notice that you have weak leadership skills, they would not want to respect you. So in order to avoid or fix this, develop and show strong leadership skills to prove to employees that you are fit for your role and you deserve their respect.
  7. You are not always right- another factor that would make you gain the respect of your employees is if you admit that you are not always right. Most employers act like they can never be wrong because they are the owner or director of the establishment, but this is wrong. When you act like you are always right and every other person is wrong, how do you expect them to feel? But if you admit that you are not always right and your employees notice this, their respect and admiration for you would increase.
  8. Ask for their opinions- when you make your employees feel important and involved in the workplace, they would give you respect. You can do this by seeking their opinion on matters arising in the establishment that affects them, or when you want to make some decisions.
  9. Improve working conditions- another factor that would make your employees respect you is if you consider them and improve their working conditions. It means you truly care for them and want them to be comfortable in the workplace, and this would make them respect you.
  10. Meet their needs- some employers channels most of the business returns on business investments and meeting their personal needs, and often sideline their employees needs. When employees sees that the business is making a lot of money and nothing has been put in place to meet their needs, they would consider their employer as self-centered and would not respect him or her as a result.
  11. Publicly praise them and scold or correct in private- when your employees perform a great work, praise them publicly, and when they go wrong and make mistakes, correct or scold them privately with love. If you do this, you would be protecting their image from public disgrace and they would respect you for this. However, if you disgrace them publicly, you would destroy whatever amount of respect that employee has for you.
  12. Keep your words- an employer that talks and do is an employer that would always be taken seriously and respected. So, stand by your words at all times.
  13. Give rewards to those who deserves it, and punishment as well- rewarding the efforts of employees that works hard and dispersing punishment to those who deserves it is a sure way to establish yourself in the workplace and get the respect of your employees.
  14. Be transparent and direct- when dealing with your employees, don’t be shady. Be transparent and have pure motives. Also, be direct when telling them what you want.
  15. Let them work freely- do not hover around them constantly monitoring the work they do. Trust them to do the work you employed them to do. Tell them the result you want, and let them implement personal strategies that would help them accomplish this. This would make them respect you because you believed in them.
  16. Don’t be partial- be fair in all you do and don’t favour one employee at the expense of the other. If you are impartial, your employees would respect you for that.

Those are some things you can do to gain the respect of your employees.

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