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Build an online Medical consultancy Business and make huge Profit

Are you a medical professional? Do you have passion to touch more lives with your profession? If yes, you can reach more people by doing what you love and still make huge profit from floating an Online Medical Consultancy Business.

A handful of Medical Professionals work for others and build the business of others but they can actually own their own businesses with little capital and less complexity.

The ideal situation is that every business requires time and persistence to grow and one must be intrinsically motivated to be an entrepreneur. As you plan to start up a new business you must understand that there will be many ups and downs. You must strive for diligence but this cannot be achieved without being intrinsically motivated (internal Drive or self-driven).

The start-up stages are to;

1. Research the niche (Target market)

Prerequisite in researching a niche is to identify the needs. This is done through google search keyword and other online secondary data sources. This will guide you to know the most searched medical needs and frequently asked questions of patients online. Once the need is identified, narrow down your search to a unique service that would differentiate you from other competitors in the industry, select that part of the market that is less vulnerable to penetration from other online companies and that is relatively stable, profitable and provides lifetime value.

2. Get a name and register a domain

 If you lack the pre-requisite skills to register a domain, you can network people with the skill you require to start and grow, people with the entrepreneurship mind-set. The kind of people that will help you for example; legal professional, digital marketer, web designer, editors, writers etc.

3. Partnership

If you feel the need to partner with someone, watch out for integrity and well spelt out memorandum of understanding. The explicit and implicit terms must be well spelt out, so as to avoid misunderstanding and conflict of interest.

4. Site contents

Site contents must be rich and helpful in rendering adequate guide to patients. Once patients find out that your site provides them the adequate guide and help they desperately need. They will trust you and seek your help.

Research has shown that when people have health issues in this millennial age their first point of resort concerning the matter is Google Search Engine. Even after going to the hospital, they still confirm information and seek further guide from the internet. There are other reasons why this is a huge business deal. One good thing about this, is that you can even start small by offering help and tips on free platforms like blogger, wordpress, facebook pages and groups. This will generate a lot of leads for you and give you a handful of connections and clients to work with.

Be passionate about your business and your mind will be flooded with ideas 💡. You don`t need huge money or even need to borrow. I usually do not encourage loans except if the success rate for the business is high.

For further guides please leave a question on the comment session below. Thanks for reading

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