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A message to employees: Why you hate work and how to love your work

Work is a principle of living. It is something no one can escape. When you work, you earn income that you can use to feed and take care of yourself and family. Everyone must work so that they can live. Even if you don’t work now and depend on someone perhaps your parents or guardians to meet your needs, one day all that would change and you would have to work to take care of your needs and theirs as well. So, no one can escape it. Sadly, as important and inevitable as work is, some people find it difficult to work. Simply put, they hate work. Some attach it to the fact that they don’t want to work under someone and want to be self established, however, for most people, before you own your personal business, you must work under someone in order to gain experience and raise the capital and finances you would need to start and run your business. So, in whatever way you want to put it, the bottom line is you can’t escape work. You may ask then, why do I hate work, and can I change this and love my work? This article would help you find answers to that question.

Why you hate work

  1. You probably don’t like the particular job you do- this is the most common reason why people hate work- when they don’t like the particular job they do. For example, you may work in a multi purpose company and you were assigned a job to sit in the office and handle the clerical affairs of the company, but you would rather be on the field marketing and selling the company’s products and services. In this case, you would have to handle the clerical matters because it is your specific job, but you don’t like doing it. Another example is when you are seeking for a job and you applied in two different organizations; one may be a school and the other a business place. The proposed salary for the school might have been low compared to that of the business place. So, because of the attractive income, you decide to work in the business place and not the school, but naturally you love teaching and not doing business. In this situation, you would be compelled to do a work you don’t love because of the money involved.
  2. When you don’t like your employer or manager- another factor that can make you hate work is when you dislike your employer or manager. An example of how this can happen is when your employer or manager don’t appreciate the work you do, or when they always complain or yell at you in presence of your other colleagues or customers, also when the workload they place on you is extremely large and difficult; all these can make you develop dislike for your employer or manager, and in turn, it would make you hate going to work and working in that organization.
  3. When you feel less qualified for your job- if you are working in a place and you discover that you are not meeting up to the work standards, you’re not delivering excellent results like your colleagues, and feel you are not fully qualified for the work you do, there is every tendency that as time goes on, you would start hating your work. This has contributed to the reasons why people hate work. They would conclude that their work doesn’t contribute so much to the organization because they are not qualified.
  4. They don’t see the value in their jobs- everyone wants to do something meaningful, something that contributes to the larger picture. They want to feel the satisfaction of their work meeting people’s needs, solving problems, and being appreciated. But if you are a worker and you don’t see all these in what you do, you don’t see the value you are adding to the company or society by your work, there is a high probability that you would start to hate the work you do. The feeling of being underappreciated and unimportant starts creeping in and after a while, working becomes too difficult, boring, and annoying to do.
  5. When your team members are not interested in the job- work environment and people contributes to an individual’s comfort and productivity in the work place. When you are in the midst of team members and colleagues that are less interested in the work and less concerned, you would not feel comfortable, you most likely would not perform well and won’t be motivated, hence, you would begin to hate work.

How to love your work

  1. Choose a work that matches your interest or passion- work is not just a medium where you can earn money, but also an avenue where you can showcase your talents and create positive impact on people. Don’t choose a work based on the salary you would be paid, but based on what interests you and what you have passion for. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re already doing a job you don’t like, try speaking with your manager and express your lack of interest in that particular job and how you would perform better if working in another department in the company.
  2. Tolerance- develop a tolerating mindset where you can tolerate painful and annoying character or attitude from your boss or colleagues. Look beyond who you are working for and with, and concentrate on the work that has to be done. Comfort yourself with the fact that you won’t work there forever and one day you would rid yourself of such demeaning attitudes, but until then, learn to tolerate them.
  3. Upgrade yourself and strive to be the best- no one was born as a guru in a specific job. The successes people record today is a result of their hard work and dedication to the work. If you notice you are not performing the way you ought to and delivering expected results, then try upgrading yourself and strive to become a better worker if not the best. Learn more about your job and how best to execute it, then practice what you learn.
  4. Find value in what you do- in every honest work, you can serve God and humanity. Even if you are a bricklayer, you are actually building homes for people; if you are a teacher, you are shaping the lives and future of the leaders of tomorrow; if you are a farmer, you are providing food for the nation. Therefore, there is value in every work. Find the value in your job and how it benefits people, then let that be your motivator.
  5. Become the disciple leader- a discipline leader is not the actual team leader but a member of a team that leads a less enthusiastic team members forward with his or her positive examples. If your team members don’t see the value in their jobs, help them see it. If everyone is waiting for who would volunteer and take the first step, be that person, and when you can successfully lead your team and help them love their work, you would definitely love yours.

I hope this article has been meaningful to you. Thanks for reading!

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